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Happy Thanksgiving to all...

Posted Oct 25 2008 4:50pm
Hello everyone. I am pretty sure everyone by this time is getting that big turkey stuffed and ready to go for all to enjoy. Thank goodness I am NOT cooking this year so all the great smells I will not have to put myself through until later tonight when I go to my brothers house.

Well even though its thanksgiving, you know me, I am getting ready for the gym. With only 4 weeks left (29 days left to be exact) I am in a race with the clock basically. But, I have to say once November 11 th does come around, I will be sooooo much more relaxed. My nerves and the tension are starting to build! Will I make it or will I not? This is the question I am now wondering. Will my body keep up with losing, or will it sadly completely slow down now that we are at the end?

There is a good side on reaching November 11 th friends, I will FINALLY be done this crazy CRAZY high strictness, and hardest mental and physical part of it all! Then yes maintenance will follow. But I just cannot wait for that. It will be much more relaxed and there will not be so much pressure on me anymore.

However I do know if I happen to not make it to my personal goal of 125lbs by November 11 th, I still have extra time to still get there regardless, at least by January 1st, for the Ottawa Sun's final issue, so its all good no matter what. I am going to try and look my best as well for that cover shot being it will be the last one! Can you believe it? To say that? Where has all the time gone? Man life sure does pass pretty fast doesn't it? To think it will be the last front page that I will be able to add to my scrapbook of memories regarding this project, one that will mark the ending of it all, and where the story will come to an end.

Today's weight however wasn't the best. I was somewhat disappointed in the reading. I was only able to hit 140lbs. Given the number before I screwed up last weekend WAS 139lbs.

anyways..its just taken me basically a WHOLE WEEK for my body to get down there again to even where I was!!! Alot of kicking butt I tell ya! See friends..NOT WORTH CHEATING!! If you do, you end up paying for it just like I am now, and in my case, concerning time!

But knowing my body, next week is when the big plunge will happen. Usually by the second week afterwards this tends to happen, so this is what I am hoping for anyways. But at this point of it all, you just never know.

Where I stand now, I need to lose 15lbs exactly in just 4 weeks? That is 3.75 lbs a week!! I don't know about that. For most people sounds impossible even for myself. Sounds almost like there is no way that can happen unless by some miracle. But, I will keep trying anyways, I wont give up. That is the least I need to do for myself and for the readers who have been following this story!
Need to go down and finish this story being remembered as a fighter not a quitter!

Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving to you ALL!! Hope you all really enjoy this special day with your family! I personally LOVE seeing family members whenever I can. You just really end up appreciating that time more with them, at least for me, because usually, this doesn't happen very often because I've been so busy! So it really makes this a special Thanksgiving because I DO have alot to be thankful for! Not to mention that it takes me back to a time when things were so much more relaxed as well! SO hope you all really enjoy it like how I plan too!

Anyways talk soon, remember NEXT Monday is right around the corner, I am hoping 135lbs! LOL.... LETS AIM HIGH!!!

**** Just thought I would come on tonight, and let you know how things went since writing you this morning. Well tonight went really well for dinner. It was a little tough especially when I had to give up even tasting the fresh pumpkin pie, apple pie, apple crumble pie, chocolate icecream, chocolate cookies, whip Thats all I can say.

That was a little tough because you all know how I love and crave my sweets the most..but, I was mentally prepared for it. I just reminded my family...29 days..and then when a special occasion comes up every now and again, I too will be able to enjoy some of those yummy delicious treats!!
I think they felt a little bad, after all my sister in law really had a great variety this year to display and choose from. I just bent over and enjoyed the smell of them. Anyways no more talking about that tonight, need to go to bed and not even think twice about it, instead..i need to think about how I have to get up in the morning and have a 45 minute cardio session, something much more important!:-)
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