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Happy New Year!

Posted Jan 01 2010 3:00am
Oh what a difference a year makes...just when I started thinking that I hadn't lost that much weight in 2009, I came across a picture of me, taken December 25, 2008:
Not sure how much I had lost from my starting weight in May, 2008 (I know it was at least 50 pounds), but I was happy with how I looked in this picture at the time - I felt like my hard work was beginning to show!

Compare that picture to the one below, taken on December 26, 2009:
Well. I guess I really have lost more weight. The one thing that I have tried to not stress too much over on my journey is the number on the scale - because weight alone does not define my success. I have never had a specific "goal weight" number in mind because I really don't know what the number will be that I will be comfortable at. I think when my stomach is flatter and my thighs are smaller, that's when I will know that I'm at goal. Right now, I think I'm about 20 pounds away from it. I do know, however, that I weigh more than people think - and that, my friends, is due to working out and making my body more compact. Score one for fitness!

I am so glad I've become a camera whore taken pictures along my journey - I really do forget how far I've come and boy, do the photographs bring it all back!

And now, on to my resolutions and theme (thanks for the idea, Roxie!) for 2010:
  1. I will lose 20 more pounds by June, and reevaluate where I am to see if that is a good goal weight for me;
  2. I will work on losing my belly flab - and this includes actively working to hold in my stomach (or core, if you prefer) during my workouts (I've been pretty lax about doing this);
  3. I will run a 5K and have one in mind for February 26th (it's an evening run);
  4. I will set aside at least $25 each month to go toward another vacation - it will take a while, but we want to go back to Maui;
  5. I will protect my diet by not allowing certain foods (Dove Dark Chocolate Promises, I'm looking at you) to derail my progress; and
  6. I will work on my writing - specifically, I want to get my story out in a book. More on what has inspired this in a later post.
And my theme for 2010, in case you haven't already figured it out, is FITNESS. Right now I am in the best shape of my life, and with putting FITNESS first I can only get better. This means that I will continue to workout with my trainers, putting my goals in their hands and allowing them to push me beyond what I think I am capable of doing, to lead an active lifestyle by walking more and driving less, to exercise more on the days that I don't work out, to caring for myself by making sure I have the right shoes and clothes for my workouts, and to always remember to keep FITNESS in mind throughout my day.

Now...onward and downward...2010 is going to be a great year!

P.S. Jenn over at Slim-Shoppin' has featured me in her "Weight Loss Success Stories" today - go check it out! Thanks, Jenn!

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