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Happy New Year....!! Time to start a NEW YOU YEAR...

Posted Jan 07 2009 5:08pm
OK friends. Wanted to jump on tonight to first of all yell out to everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Thats right...we are approaching the start of 2009!! And you know what that means...well first of all its time to let go of the excuses for overeating during the holidays...(and this deffinetly includes myself)!

I did so much damage to my body especially tonight...we are talking lasagna..meatballs...garlic bread..lots of sweet things like cake and icing..and cookies..and just WOW...well high fives that I was able to actually have one healthy thing..salad?? lol

But you know what...It's new years eve...and why beat ourselves over it! Not worth it. As I told my friend Jay the other just doesnt make sense why I should sit there and beat myself up because I wasnt able to keep focused throughout the holidays...i many of us can say that we actually do perfectly during this time of year..not many...I mean everyone wants to relax..enjoy times with family and friends..socialize..your mind isnt really concentrating on working out and eating right when this time comes around..your almost on a natural high from the positive stuff going on around you. And there is NOTHING wrong with that...AS LONG AS YOU REGAIN CONTROL AGAIN AFTERWARDS!!

But now that we are all overstuffed... (MY OWN stomach is actually scratchy probably because its now stretched)i am sure we are all pumped up and really wanting to start this new years off right...Try and eat healthier, get the exercise thing going again...and just making a fresh start. Before we know it...the weather will soon change again..and we all want a nice summer dont we? Wearing some shorts perhaps..feeling more confident...Isnt that always the case this time of year? We have about 5 good months to really get ourselves ready for the summer...or at least till we will be able to wear some shorts on certain even starting off slow..every little action we take..even if they are just small steps will make a big difference.

Even myself as of midnight its nice to know that there are no more holidays coming up in the next its a chance for MYSELF to start looking towards making myself better, more positive, more healthy once again..

So lets all make a promise...whoever is reading this blog...lets start off fresh. SO far there are no mistakes...and lets try and focus on that...this year has started off and its been 22 minutes into it..and so far I have made no mistakes!! cool.

Lets let go of all the negative thoughts we might have, and think..."we together can make this coming year whatever we want it to be". You want a new body..then GO FOR want to eat heathier..THEN START DOING IT! You want to be genuinely more happy..then surround yourself with people and things that MAKE you happy. If there is something or someone that tends to bring you down..then steer away from that or them...

There is alot that life has to offer, and if we can just be strong and focus on what we want without letting go of that image in our minds..we can make it..we can get there! Just hold on to those images, and think about all the reasons why you want them. Think about how you would feel when you are there..what if you were at that point right now where you have achieved what you wanted..and your smiling..and happy..and just feel so much better as a person..thats what its all about friends.

Speaking of which I have decided to extend the special on our book. The reason is because they HAVE been selling... and I see that there is a good interest in it..(by the way thanks to all that have supported us so far) I see the names that come up when we get notifications..and Rob and I both get so happy. Not because of the money...Believe me ....we would have to sell hundreds before we make money
(and it actually cost Rob and I alot on our side to actually even order the ones we wanted printed to even start) lol ...I am sure I will be in debt for a while..but hey..such is life. Nothing new on this side..hehe
What's the big deal...debt who cares,,,it was more important to me that I make this book.

I always said and its true..sure it would be nice if people really wanted them, and really enjoyed our book..its like a compliment because it took us alot of time to even make this know?

But truely..just the fact that I made a book that will now mark what I did, like a stamp it also marks a time in this life where this journey took place, for years to come for others to always look back on.
I am hoping it will help others by when reading it, it will bring out that personal inner strength that we all carry inside each and every one of us, to help us get over and rise above what brings us down.

What I personally something my family will now have a chance to look back at, having this book made(especially my kids). They will be able to look at it from time to time....perhaps when they might feel weak regarding something, it may be about something completely different..but yet, just knowing their MOM wrote a book about what she had to do, really giving it all she had, and just fought hard for something she wanted all her life, and was able to find it in herself to come out a winner! Maybe one day they will even show their own kids..your grandmother did this....and it just gives hope that whatever issues they may have, or whatever they are trying to overcome, that they can do it!! And thats the coolest thing ever!!

But if this book can help change just one life..I would be so happy about that!!

So on that note...I have extended the special just until the day before the expo which is January 10th. I just figured just in case there are some late purchasers because of the holidays etc...people who really still want a book, and perhaps plan on attending the not only gives you a reserved guaranteed copy...but it also gives you the chance to still get into the expo free of charge, and a chance to look around at gym memberships, and different ways that other companies around Ottawa might be able to help them out. YES there WILL be some at the expo..but it will be first come first serve..we may have alot..we may sell out fast..wish I could promise you all that there will be some there..but I cannot. I have no idea.

Other than Rob and Myself as exhibitors...there is going to be all different sorts of other exhibitors there at the expo as well(you might even find me looking around myself getting loads of information)..and its all about what YOU like and what you feel comfortable with.

Some people might like a general gym membership..others might like more of personal training..others may just want to get active in a more funner cycling..whatever the case is..its going to be a great chance to see whats out there.

Rob and I both have past issues that we both had to deal with...but we were able to reach above them..and came out on top. Not because anyone did it for us..but because we did it to ourselves. We took initiative and chose to change. We make our decisions people.

Well with the books we have already sold, I am also really excited to say that we are on our way as far as building funds to give towards the heart and stroke foundation...We are off to a great start friends!!

So on behalf of them I am saying thank you!In the end I am hoping to give them a really big which I will tell them its from all of us who purchased a copy of Breakin'free!

So come on friends..I hope you consider buying one..and if not for yourself..get one as a gift for a friend or perhaps a family member..if anything its a great inspirational story to read..which so MANY people can relate to..(not only if you have a weight problem) and its one which I am sure they will enjoy..!I tried to get in there some of my funniest stories as well!

Oh well... enough about the book! But I will say its the best $22.00 anyone will ever spend! Not only do you get a great personal story..but diets and exercises in another book inside my book as well from Rob Lagana himself...?But again the choice is yours!

Well it is now 12:42am..and I can say I officially welcomed in my New Year writing to my blogges..smiles

I can hear the snoring of my husband in the background..and all little ones fast its a good time to close down this computer and get some sleep myself...I have a NEW YEAR waiting for me to enjoy...starting tommorow I plan on getting some good nights sleep so that I will be all ready to kick this year off right...Being the best I can be..and this is all we can ask for friends.

Cheers to you all! January 1st 2009!!

Remember no mistakes...keep looking ahead.. and not back...concentrate on positive and not negative..and if you think of negative..try and flip it and change it into something positive.

Like for myself...."man I ate really bad will I ever get this extra weight off that I put on, I feel so fat"
instead I say...."you know what..who cares..I ate crap but it was new years, and tommorow I am going to eat right and start fresh and just smile" and forget about it! Done. Don't focus on what you did wrong or a mistake you made..focus on what you are going to do about it, and how you are going to make it right, and then HOLD ON TO THOSE THOUGHTS INSTEAD;-)

NIGHT Friends
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