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Happy New Year 2012!!

Posted Jan 05 2012 9:14am
As I start off my own new only thoughts as of right now are that I hope that it brings me alot of love, overall inner happiness, new friendships, rekindling old ones, smiles, laughter and a great sense of calmness and control in my life so that I can bring it all together.

The later part of 2011 was a crazy one..what a whirlwind! From one extreme to another. From doing really well losing weight one minute and having that anxiety and having to mentally shut it all down the next unexpectedly. From deciding when waking up one morning to quit smoking to finding myself munching more because of it....from weight standing still...(surprised havent gained with numbers the last few weeks anyways) to noticing a nice fuller rounder look where concerning my bottom part of tummy like I just gave birth yesterday (can anyone say spare tire) ...and now starting to eat oatmeal every morning. LOL
OH GOSH!! Really need to get a grip asap!

Its really been crazy. Emotionally and mentally and physically a really trying past year for me and I am sure for many and that I am not alone. Its time however to sit back, take a breath and start over..but not overwhelm ourselves with stressing about it.

But I have to say that I am completely surprised that the last few weeks at least (8 weeks worth of nothing)  I have only managed to gain 8 lbs back from my 20 something that I had lost during that month I was doing Visalus shakes..which isnt bad considering I stopped that quite a while ago now. And i know my body and i can lose that within 1.5 weeks if I started back. Being that they were replacing food twice a day everyone was worried once you stop you will gain it all back and more..and truthfully I dont believe that cause the way I had been eating along with lack of physical activity, i should have gained alot more back if that were the case.

I gained that 8 because I dropped the gym and I was eating more calories. Thats all. Nothing not normal about that. So I am happy that I am still down compared to when started the Visalus shakes to start. A somewhat up side to starting off this new 2012 year.

I have to say though, not working out..even though the past 2 weeks the scale has not really moved as far as numbers, I can TOTALLY tell by looking at my body that its changed compared to when working out. I dont care what that scale reads..visually I can tell how the last 8 weeks (at least or more since I stopped the shakes and working out)how that has really changed my body's composure...not something I really like at the moment nor am I really proud about.
But I had to stop. I had no choice. My body was just shutting down. Perhaps too soon after the baby..not sure..but I didnt like the feeling I started getting. I still some days feel more anxious...but just dealing with it and look at it like it will just make me a stronger person.

I read that on the internet. When things arise and are trying for you, and are stressing you out and you feel anxious etc...its best to just tell yourself that you will get through it, its fine, and that it will just make you stronger in the end. You will get through it no biggy. Its all positive thinking and thats what I have been doing. I know however its just being home. I had this before when I am home too long, I start feeling kind of restless and bored, and anxious and just not myself. I need routine. I know that.
So, will try and fix that.

Anyways, just thought i would come on and say Happy New YEAR to you all! I have started trying to do some calorie counting. See how that works for me in the meantime until I can get back on track. So far this morning I had...

2 helpings of oatmeal 240 cals
1 cup milk 110 cals.
1 chamomile tea 0 cals

I started taking oatmeal not only cause its really good for me and makes me feel fuller then other foods...but also because its apparently really good as far as giving you this calming affect on your body. I think its been helping. So i have that with a nice chamomile tea each morning and it tends to help start my morning off right! And only 350 cals for that  meal...I will take it!

So lets hope for a great year everyone. Time will tell!
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