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Happy 6 Months Nerd Exercises!!!!

Posted Jul 11 2011 4:14pm
Happy 6 months!  Yeah, I'm not sure why we have a poster up of Billy Ray Cyrus in the lead for this article, but then again, a lot of things around here just don't seem to make sense.  Over the past 6 months we have over 230 posts, have received tens of thousands of visitors, and have received acclaim from many, sponsorship offers from tons, etc. etc.  During all of this time at we have tried to keep a level head and always stuck to our principles!  We are hear to help fat people in mind and or body exercise. 

Kurtis Lort:
"This only shows that sh!t rises to the top."

We get thousands of searches on the following kinds of issues  
"Video Game Exercises"
"How to start exercising when fat"
"How many piles of manure fit into a truck"
"Boston Marathon Pooper"

While the last two don't really fit into our purpose, the first two definitely do.  Most nerds, especially the fat ones think "Dear god, if I spent all the time that I play video games working out instead, I'd be ripped!"  As we know, the solution I've recommended for this issue is clearly the .  It really allows you to play video games and workout without even knowing it!

Anyway, congrats to us for making it 6 months and getting such a strong following, and congrats to all of the current readership.  We have a lot of fun articles in the works for the next 6 months and beyond!  If you have any questions, comments, accolades, and/or suggestions for us, please list them below to let others know you were with us from the beginning!

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