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Hanging in there

Posted Apr 01 2009 2:43pm
Well surgery really is on Tuesday and I'm trying to stay calm and be prepared. I still have to get my taxes e-filed but other than that I think I've got everything else done. I have to sign my acceptance letter for work but that will be tomorrow. Can't say I'm thrilled but it is what it is and I do need my job right now. I'm hoping work will go ok tomorrow with less upset but to be honest I'm doubting it. But I've decided if it's just to crazy for me I'll just take part of the day off after I make sure all my paperwork is turned in. I just don't need more stress the day before surgery.

This morning I got up and went for a great walk/jog down my favorite road. When I got to the beach I decided to just sit and hang out. I sat on a big log and collected seashells for the kids. It was wonderful listening to the water lap near my feet and smelling the bay. There was a beautiful lone swan out in the water too which seemed so weird , almost like she was visiting with me as I sat there. It was really peaceful and it made me feel really good.

The TOPS convention ( SRD ) was really nice. I had one speaking part and had stuff like making sure everyone that needed to be on stage got there. I thought overall I did a pretty good job. I also got an award plaque from the regional director for being the biggest loser on the staff. I thought that was really nice of her. I got lots of compliments and it really made me feel good. It was great seeing people I hadn't seen since last year too.

My bearded lady costume was a big hit too lol. We all joked about how I would shave the next day and then people kept telling me how well I cleaned up lol. Next year I'll actually be co-chair for the whole thing which makes me nervous but I'm sure I'll do ok. It's amazing how well they put it all together. I didn't really feel like I helped that much but they all seemed happy to have me there which was nice. I think the time with the ladies did me a lot of good mentally too.

It's really warm today, in the low 70's.We are going to grill out so that will be nice hanging out on the back porch with the family. The neighbor invited the kids over to her house so I'm actually sitting here in quiet since hubby and the nephew are outside planting grass seed.

I have beans cooking in the crockpot which are smelling great.

Not sure I'll get to post again for a few days but I'll post as soon as I'm able.

Till later...
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