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Hanging in Here

Posted Mar 06 2012 8:16am
Last night I spent the evening fighting the urge to eat.  My anxiety was in high mode and I just couldn't stop myself from replaying in my head about the tax stuff.  I plan on redoing them and seeing if anything changes.  I just don't want to have done them wrong because when it's in the IRS's favor I am sure they won't be finding that mistake lol.  I know though I need to just let it go that it is something I can't change and stressing over it isn't helping me.

I ended up eating 3 servings of peanuts which of course left me feeling bloated and yucky last night and this morning, like a brick in my stomach.  Still stayed within my calorie range but regardless it doesn't make me feel good to have let myself eat over stuff.  But today is a new day and I'm feeling ok.  I have lots of work to do and I'm going to just focus on that and make it a good productive day.

Last night I went and took a spin class.  Last time I took an official class (not with the contest or by myself) was 3 or so years ago.  Back then at around 240 lbs it felt like torture and I barely made it through.  But last night's class though it totally kicked my butt, I was dripping sweat, I really felt totally worked out.  I don't feel to bad today either.  I hate though that it's only offered 2 nights a week at 6pm and one of those nights is Wednesday so I wouldn't be able to go because of TOPS.  Maybe if I could start getting up earlier and getting to work early enough I could go on Tuesdays or Thursdays at the 4:30 time.  If nothing else I can still go and spin by myself and having taken the different classes at least once I can do some of the stuff they teach when I'm by myself.  Last nights class was strength and I thought it would hurt my knees but they aren't bad at all today. 

Tonight we have our second free workout with the trainer so I'm sure she will kick our butts.  I'm hoping maybe Mike can win a few free sessions too before the end of the contest which would be cool too. 

The contest has really been a blessing for both Mike and I.  I think we were in a rut and it really has helped us in so many ways.  His weight has been hanging around 291-293 the past several days too and I know that's bugging him since he's hoping to drop into the 280's this week but he is putting in the work and eating well so I know if he just hangs in there it will happen.  I just hope tomorrow (his Birthday) doesn't throw him off, me either.  I am looking forward to having company over and having a good night.

Well I better get to work.

Till next time...
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