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Halfway there!

Posted Jul 25 2013 6:57pm


Thursday – yay!  Getting closer to the weekend.  I am sorry I haven’t been to blogs this week.  I switched over to The Old Reader for my feed and it has been down for the last few days, much to my annoyance (those of you that use that reader also probably feel this way).  So, my reading is way behind.  And then I read, but don’t comment.  Just to let you know I am around!

I also have just been feeling frazzled lately, which is thanks to my job.  My new computer is still not set up with work.  It’s still in the process.   :roll:  It has to be done remotely, and getting IT to actually get it finished has been a chore and a half (maybe even 2 chores).  It’s really trying my patience.  It’s a good thing my old computer is barely hanging in there so that I can keep working or I would have had at least a week of unpaid vacation without a computer.

Anyway, I did mark a milestone on this morning’s ride! I had the computer set to the season odometer so I could catch this:


That is now halfway to my goal of 2500 road miles this year!  I figured if I could get halfway there by the end of July, I would have a good shot and here I am.  I probably just jinxed us with an early winter, though  :lol:

Not to mention that it was in the upper 50s for my ride today.  I was wearing a long sleeve shirt!  It felt really nice.  It was a perfect summer day – mid 70s and sunny. That’s why we live here – for these beautiful summer days (and fall color).

Lunch time!


I did the cheesy crockpot chicken chili the other day with the drop in temps and we have been eating it this week. Yum!

John was out doing errands and picked up a latte for me at Coffee Planet on his way home for afternoon snack.  It is cooler and that means Pixie got back into lap mode, although she was excited at me taking a picture.




This is what I was trying to get:


I seem to have my fingers in a lot of pies and they are all half eaten, so to speak.  I finally got one of the drawers done.  Remember these foundling drawers?


Well, I took one and added a shelf.  Here are some shots of me and power tools (safety first, remember!).



Then I painted it white – which ended up taking the longest to do because I got way busy and then it was too hot to be in the garage painting.


Voila!  I actually like it sitting upright.  It’s flipped upside down from the original picture, which actually gives it a nice base to stand on. If I put the handle hardware back on, I will have to hang it up.  Just deep enough to hold someone’s coffee cup of their favorite football team – who will be going to the Super Bowl this year!

Ground turkey back in the house again!  I had a turkey burger for dinner topped with laughing cow cheese and a good amount of Franks’s hot sauce.



Another chilly night tonight.  I have my snack ready for later:


I don’t mess around when I eat blueberries!

Wish me luck tomorrow that I might actually get finished the tech support and work set up on Friday.


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