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HALF TIME! 8 weeks gone, 8 weeks left

Posted Oct 26 2009 11:06pm
We're officially half way in the GAG challenge, week 8/16, and I haven't exactly lost half of what I was expecting to lose. Half way is a great point of refreshment - like Half Time of a football game. I'm taking this as a chance to get refreshed, review what has been working, and what hasn't, and go on to kick the ball out of the park. I want to win! I will do what it takes to get to my goal.

I just went back and re-read the beginning posts and rules of the Gag challenge.

"This challenge is about taking 16 weeks to make your health a priority, one that we often during this specific time of year tend to let go."

Exactly. Make your health a priority. It's all about balance, yes, but it seems when health isn't one of the big priorities in my day, everything (and everyone) else suffers. I don't feel well, I feel lazy and inefficient, not being able to do all that I can. I function best when my health IS a priority.

I love this challenge have I said it before? More than once I'm afraid.

Today's weigh-in: 143.9 (told you I thought I gained a pound)
Last week: 143.1
Week before: 143.8

SW: 148.6
Goal: 135.0

First half of GAG lost: 4.7 lbs
Second half goal to lose: 8.9 lbs

This means I must start losing about 1.2 lbs per week. Shouldn't be hard, right?

I'd make a plan, but I always seem to do badly with plans. I will focus on the task (lose a pound a week) and try my hardest, do my best to get this done.

*Deep breath* Here I go!
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