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Hail Mary: 16 Mile Training Run

Posted Nov 25 2009 10:04pm

Umm, hello! Did you know that today is the first day of Monster Month?!

Actually, Monday was supposed to be my first loooooong run. Fourteen miles to me was kinda NBD, because it’s so close to a half-marathon. But 16…yeah…NFA. And I was having major anxiety about it. Sunday night I already had a nervous stomach, and it got considerably worse Monday. Long story short, I had the same issues I had during the Detroit half-marathon, but mostly because I was psyching myself out! I quit at eight miles, which is certainly not a fail…but it’s also not 16 miles.

So at first I was all upset because I thought I had blown my long run for the week, but then I realized I could make a second attempt today! I had a feeling that I’d just roll out of bed this morning feeling ready to go and just go and kill it. Eh…sort of. I mean, really, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is not an ideal time to do a 16-mile run. I was having major issues…but, once again, all in my head! I was really, really just trying to tune it out so I didn’t get another stomachache. I told myself that if I at least hit ten, I would still make my weekly mileage, and that if I got to 12, I could justify making pumpkin pasta for dinner. And, if at 12, I decided to keep running, I could put on Christmas music for the last four miles. Goals, people!

I didn’t wake up feeling great about it, but I didn’t feel like a disaster, so I just went with it! It was raining on and off, which I totally didn’t count on, but again, I just prefer to live in denial.

So, off I went, just really hoping that I could do seriously inappropriate things to the run and be able to write about it later! (I killed a mile or so thinking of reallllly dirty things to say I did to the run. Thinking about autoerotic asphyxiation while running is a new one, but whatevs.)

The weather was fine when I started, and the first four miles went pretty quickly. Then it started to rain. However, I could deal with it and I hit my stride around that time, so I rocked on through to eight without any problems. I had a new energy gel today and I really, really liked it (PowerBar strawberry-banana plus caffeine). My biggest problem today was, unsurprisingly, mental. I just wanted to quit. I wanted to be home, warm, dry, cooking, writing, watching Lifetime Original Movies…doing something holiday-ish…not running for nearly three hours in the goddamn rain! But did I need to quit? No. So I finally just told myself to STFU with the excuses because I wasn’tquitting. At the 12-mile point, I put on Christmas music, and jammed in the holiday spirit for the last four.

And next thing I knew, I had made my first 16-mile run my bitch lover! ( Not the most innaprop thing I came up with, but if I were to write what I really thought here, I’d probably cross the line.)

I was completely soaked and rather sore from the neck down, so I hightailed it home in a daze. It was lunchtime, so I inhaled my recovery snack: Triscuits and cheese.

Usually after these runs, I’m so out of it, I just grab the first carb-and-protein combo I can find. This happened to be the lucky winner today! (And I’m glad it was; I could happily be the bitch lover of those olive oil and pepper Triscuits.) I stretched for a bit, but I was shaking like a drowned rat, so I had to shower and get warm. Once that was achieved, I was still hungry, so I made lunch.

Feeling in the pre-Thanksgiving spirit, I made a turkey sandwich with spicy brown mustard and cranberry apple butter! YUM! I love this combination, and I’m not waiting until Friday to eat it. (Through Friday I can with real cranberry sauce and it’s going to be amazing!) I also added an orange pepper and a cucumber for some veggies.

But that’s not enough food for a long run day so I also had a bowl of lemon chicken soup left over from what I made for dinner last night!

Pretty much a perfect lunch for a cold, wet, 16-mile run day! Now I’m just finishing off with a green apple because I’m actually still really hungry.

I am so proud of myself for getting that run done. I really, truly, wasn’t sure if I could, and it was causing me to totally question my life! Now that it’s done, I’m like, PSSSHHHHHHAAAA I can handle anything!! Really, it wasn’t that bad; the worst part is just staying mentally focused and not getting bored and just quitting. But it’s such a weight off my shoulders, and thank God, cause I have some maj cooking to do over the next 24 hours! (And a trip to Target for seriously necessary new workout pants…and probably $40 in other shit that I could live without. DAMNIT!)

Have a great afternoon!

PS Be sure to check out my latest article for Tech Coquette: Sexy iPhone Apps I’d Like to See! (I think “Two Guys, One Night” would seriously come in handy!)

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