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Hail Mary: 16 Mile Training Run Duex

Posted Dec 01 2009 10:06pm

Good Tuesday morning!! And Happy December!

So, yesterday, I had to tackle my second 16-mile-training run. I knew thinking about it would freak me out, so I didn’t! I just put it out of my mind, hoping I’d roll out of bed feeling great and ready to go.

Well, I slept great. I woke up feeling very happy and relaxed. So, after all my Christmas shopping on Sunday, I switched over to seasonal dishes, which made me happier. For breakfast I had my new pre-run go-to: three Kashi waffles with peanut butter…

…and a chocolate banana smoothie (with Amazing Grass and hemp oil) and a big cup of coffee!

Luckily, the weather Monday morning was awesome. Seriously, I don’t know how I got so lucky. A few year’s ago, we had a terrible blizzard the day before Thanksgiving. It was 35 degrees and sunny when I left the house! A little brisk, but hey, I’m from Michigan — this is how I like it!

So, I was fueled up and off to the trails. Knowing that I had already done it once was a nice mental relief. It really wasn’t bad. Weird thing though: midway through, I came off the lower trail to cross to the upper trail and it was roped off. It said, “TRAIL CLOSED.” All the entrances said that! I was, like, trapped in!? Not allowed to run!? (I got kind of excited when I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish, not gonna lie.) I stayed on the lower trail for another two miles, before just going onto the upper trail. I guess they close the trails for winter, but, really?! It hasn’t snowed yet. People were just totally ignoring the signs and continuing to walk and run. I felt like part of the rebel crowd.

This run actually flew by, especially compared to last week. I had some good new music, which helped. Definitely loving the new Lady Gaga album; “Teeth” is my fave song so far. I put the playlist on Shuffle which I never do, but that really helped keep me entertained! I never knew what was going to come next. Toward the end, though, I started to get bored. My upper body was getting tight and my lower body was over it. But I was so thrilled when, with a half-mile to go, “Shut the Club Down,” which is totally my Power Song, came on! I bopped along, but I was pretty happy to see the end of it. I staggered to the car and started blasting the heat, where I inhaled a Luna Bar without even knowing what I was doing.

Because it was so cold, I followed my heart/cravings, and went directly to Panera Bread. I tend to go in there after long runs and I can only imagine what they must think; luckily I was in and out before the locals could judge me. I got an everything bagel with reduced-fat sun-dried tomato cream cheese (my new fave) and broccoli cheese soup. And instead of fruit, I had OJ; for some reason, cold runs make me crave it.

The soup was to be eaten out of a Santa mug I bought specifically for that reason!

I was so glad to have the run out of the way; I have five weeks until the marathon and I’m getting pretty pumped!

I had planned to spend the rest of the day reading New Moon and cookbooks, but instead I ended up doing a bunch of work and making dinner. NOT OK. By 9 PM, 16 miles was bending me over and I was begging for mercy. All I could do was watch DVRd Food Network and pitifully LOL at the Tweets of Loaded Santa. I’m not too big into medicine — I generally don’t even take Tylenol — but I reached for the pills last night and relaxed, Valley of the Dolls style.

I am feeling way better now and all that’s on my agenda today is relaxation. I really need to start my “rest day” in the hours immediately following my long runs… not trying to get a bunch of stuff done. Sixteen miles is not just some morning activity, to be followed by other things, unless those things are DVDs and wearing the worlds comfiest basketball pants. Oh well…we learn!

Have a great day!

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