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Gym Workout Routine To Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat

Posted Sep 01 2009 11:48pm
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Ok time for another gym workout routine that will get rid of your belly fat. This one revolves totally around the interval training routines that are definitely not for the weak hearted.

So the deal is pick your weapon of choice - treadmill, exercise bike (or even better - spin bike), skipping rope, rowing machine but no cross trainer or elliptical machine. Whatever you call it - turf it.

That machine will kill your chance to burn the belly fat.

Why? Because it doesn’t encourage people to work hard enough on it. Most people that use that machine will cruise on there and think they have done enough and scratch their head wondering why they can never shift the weight or get back in their skinny jeans.

The best part about this routine is you don’t need an hour to finish it, not even 30 minutes.

Try 15 minutes.

Don’t think that’s enough? You haven’t done this then have you?

Warm Up:
slow and steady pace for 3 minutes to warm your body up.
On your work effort you will be sprinting for 20 seconds flat out and resting for 10 seconds.

(This format by the way is called tabatas and it really gets your fat loss results cranked up).

So the deal with Tabatas is you do the same 20/10 interval round 8 times through for 4 total minutes of work.

Then you rest for 1 minute - just turning your legs over slowly if you’re on the exercise bike or walking slow if you’re on the treadmill. This is the same pace you’ll need for your 10 second recovery during the actual 20/10 section.

After the 1 minutes rest we are going to go through the same 20/10 routine for 4 minutes again.

That’s 12 total minutes of work so far.

Cool down for 3 minutes and the same intensity of your warm up and you’ll be smashed after 15 minutes.

Give it a go and let me know how you went!

If you like that little workout you need to check out the intervals that I’ve got as part of my Pulse Intervals Manual that comes as part of my Aussie Fatblast Success System - you won’t be disappointed with the time it saves you when you’re doing your workouts.

<b>The Best Interval Training Routine For YOUR Body</b>

The Best Interval Training Routine For YOUR Body

What’s your favourite interval training routine? I’d love to hear it.


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