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Gym Workout Routine To Blast Belly Fat

Posted Jun 30 2009 10:46pm
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I don’t usually do a gym workout routine, as you may know I’d prefer to do an outdoor or home workout anyday but yesterday I decided to get a gym session in.

Like you, we’re all busy people so I need my workouts to be short n sweet but very effective.

So if you are needing some inspiration for the gym check out this workout.

I got my iPod out and cranked out some good old hip hop music. I was in that type of mood yesterday. You know, a bit of Snoop, Dre, Cube & Fiddy type of flavour.

This workout is not for the faint hearted and definitely not recommended for beginners but follow it for 6 weeks and you’ll definitely be able to blast your belly fat away.


Dynamic Warm Up

Supersets of:
1a) Chin Ups x 10 (using different grip each set)
1b) Decline Push Ups x 10
Repeat x 3

2a) Dumbbell Swings x 10
2b) Up Downs x 10
Repeat x 3

3a) Hanging Knee Raises x 10
3b) Hand Walks x 30
Repeat x 3

That took me about 20 minutes or so to do after I warmed up which probably took about 5 minuntes.

So when you include some cool down stretching that’s 30 mins of total time spent and a total feeling of being smashed afterwards!

As you can probably tell though I didn’t use any machines.

This workout could easily have been done by me at home using one of my kettlebells or at the park on some playground equipment to use for the chin ups.

Effective workouts don’t always have to be in the gym, but if you are looking for a program that you give you weight loss workouts then you need to experience my Aussie Fatblast Success System.

* You get 18 weeks of workouts and that’s just in the main program.

* You get 13.5 great tasting, healthy meals that take 13.5 minutes or less to cook

* You get the complete guideline to interval training routines and how to use them to maximise your fat loss.

And that’s just to start.

For an investment of less than $50USD you could do a lot worse.

Check it out over at the Aussie Fatblast home page.


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