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Gym membership

Posted Jul 12 2009 12:56am
There are two new gyms that belong to a chain opening here, one in August and one in September, and because they have offers for people signing up early. A friend of mine is a fitness, lifestyle fitness and just fitness is what they're called). If you are a member of the premium gyms you can go to all of them (that's the most expensive 'plan'). Since my friend is a member and I have never been a member of any gym, I decided to take her along to get some information.

I ended up signing up with the lifestyle fitness plan, meaning I can go to the just fitness gym or the lifestyle fitness gym. The offer they had was €19.90 / month (and a €19.90 sign-up fee). That is so much cheaper than what their regular membership fee will be (€6.95 / week and a €59.90 sign-up fee). Originally I was going to get the membership for the just fitness gym which was €16.90 / month but for the extra €3 the other gym offers workout classes and a sauna, so that's worth it for me. Both gyms are not that far from my house (not quite walking distance but it won't take long to get there on public transport, one is 1.3 miles from here, the other 2.4 miles) and the one that's closer is actually open 24/7.

My membership starts in October, and I will be able to use it for at least 11 months before I move so that's great. I am happy that I am only paying so little - you could easily pay twice at much at another gym here - and that it is a 1-year contract and not longer. I will keep up the running so if I run outside, I will not be using the gym more than 2-3 times a week, I think, and paying any more would just make it seem like a waste. But as long as it's possible to run outside I think I would prefer that to a treadmill at the gym.

I am pretty happy about this commitment that I made today. My friend asked me what happens if I change my mind and want to cancel my membership before it starts, and honestly, I have no idea, because that idea didn't even cross my mind. I have no plans of changing my mind after all. If I do I am not sure how easy it would be to get out of the contract, so I just won't change my mind.

After doing that, we went to have lunch together at a Thai restaurant we both love going to. I had rice with fried chicken, cashews and veggies, and I think that was a really good and healthy choice considering.

I think I am off to go for my W7D2 run before I get tired and can't get my butt off the chair anymore, so I will leave you with this video. I have watched it about five times because I just think Josh Cox runs so beautifully. The human body is really pretty awesome (just think all those different muscles and organs and veins and bones were all a bunch of cells at some point, and now they do such complex things, just all the maintenance tasks the body does at all times just to keep itself alive). I wish my running looked half-as-aesthetic (I think it's a good thing I don't have to see myself run, haha). It's just so mesmerizing to see him run and run and run and run and he doesn't slow down and his legs always move the same way. And right until he stops you can't even tell how exhausted he probably is at the end. I think it's so inspirational to watch. And the area around Mammoth Lakes looks so beautiful too. Not to mention it's just nice to see such an athletic (but not too bulky) body. Beautiful. I am officially in awe.

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