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Guest Post:Start Loving Yourself Today

Posted Mar 26 2013 1:00pm

It's been quite a while since I've welcome a guest post to the ol' blog but I was really taken with this pitch and the author's personality. I am posting it as she asked me to and hope you enjoy it. I absolutely LOVE some of these tips! 

* * *

Start Loving Yourself Today

IStock_000014650129XSmall Loving yourself day in and day out can be tough at times. Sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes we get rejected and sometimes we just have days where nothing goes our way. However, learning to love ourselves is imperative to living a long, happy life and to allowing someone else to love us. Contrary to a popular Ne-Yo song, you need to love yourself, before someone can love you. Try incorporating these six tips on how to love yourself better if you've been experiencing a whole lot of self-doubt, self-hatred or negative thoughts.

Ditching the negativity--
First and foremost, nix the negative talk. You're not getting anywhere by telling yourself that you're ugly, or fat, useless, or a failure, etc. Replace those words with adjectives that you want to be able to describe yourself with. Many influential people will tell you that they weren't always as confident and strong as they are now and that they initially had to pretend just to get by. The saying, "fake it until you make it," is a great one when it comes to learning to love yourself--fake your confidence and fake that you like your body, after awhile you'll actually start to believe yourself and you'll forget that you were ever faking it to begin it. You'll never be able to allow someone to treat you right or compliment you if you can't do it yourself, so get rid of the negativity and start believing.

Picking up a new hobby--
A really great way to build your sense of self and confidence is to get in touch with your interests. You can do this by going out and picking up a new hobby or two. This will allow you to do something you love, learn something new, meet new people and experience a whole lot of health benefits . We can get so lost in our own heads sometimes that it's important that we get out there and shake things up a bit.

Celebrating yourself --
Make a list of all the things you do well. Maybe it's something like organizing your closet, changing the oil in your car, or even making presentations for work. List out everything you do well, big and small and then celebrate that fact. Keep yourself from making a list of all the things you think you do not do well and instead, try to add one new thing to your list each week. Focusing on the little things will help you appreciate who you are and recognize your talents.

Get to know yourself--
Feel confident about your body and own skin by spending more time naked. Spend some time each day being naked, whether it be to clean, cook or watch tv and then steal glances of yourself as you walk by mirrors or windows. Kick it into overdrive by also taking the time to really learn your body. Explore yourself and find out what turns you on and what makes you feel good. Don't be ashamed if you want or need a little help from Adam & Eve . Knowing what works for you and liking it is sexy and can be very empowering.

Get dressed up--
Go into your closet and drawers and find everything that doesn't make you feel good. Maybe it's a pair of pants that is far too big or even far too small? Maybe it's a shirt that brings back a bad memory? Get rid of whatever it is.These items are simply weighing you down and reminding you to feel bad about something every time you go to put on an outfit. Instead, fill your closet with outfits that make you feel confident and beautiful. Buy clothes that flatter you and make you feel sassy and watch how a simple shirt can change your entire demeanor.

Do something for someone else--
Go out of your way to help someone or to make their day. Remember that episode of Friends where Phoebe tries to come up with one selfless good deed? She racks her brain just trying to come up with one and keeps finding that every good deed she could think of would ultimately make the do gooder feel good about themselves. Helping others can make you appreciate what you have/who you are and also make you feel good for making someone's day. So hit up a homeless shelter, nursing home or hospital the next time you feel like you're in a slump.

Remember that loving yourself is something you have to work on every day. Some days it will be easy and some days it will be the hardest thing you do, but that doesn't mean give up. Just start fresh every day and you will find that in time and in practice, you will love yourself more.

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