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Groceries & What's in my Fridge!

Posted Jan 26 2011 9:30pm
I have to admit, my take at the grocery store today looked freakin' amazing.  

I feel SO good about myself when I'm in line, my stuff looks like this, and I look at other people's garbage in their carts.  ...Actually, I feel good about myself, but I feel really sad that people eat so much trash.  Why can't we all live in a happy world of fresh fruit and veggies?
SO!  Here's a little bit about my groceries, my fridge, what I eat.  It's not everything, but it's a lot of what I like, and like to have.
Our grocery store has these great little "100 calorie packs" of dried fruit / nuts.  And you guys?  They're TINY.  These are really tiny.  What you THINK is 100 calories, is probably twice that.  Weigh, measure, or buy pre-weighed.  Seriously.  <3

Blueberries 2/$5.  Love those sales.  Also some grapes.  Trying to re-kindle my love affair with fruit now that it's not off limits.  Also a beefsteak tomato for sandwiches.  ($2.18!)  Some raw green beans for snacking.  There's also fresh broccoli there for salads and snacks.  Oh~!  And we can't forget about the sweet potatoes (yams.)  These are delicious, and Dan will be stoked I got some.

 A lime to try to make the water drinking situation more interesting, and some bananas.  Light & Fit yogurt (vanilla all the way,) and a spaghetti squash.  YUM!  Got some yummy looking Rinaldi healthy spaghetti sauce.  It's 70 cal per 1/2 cup.  I'm going to share a little recipe later this week with it!

Red bell pepper (I probably pound through two or three of these in any given week.  I eat them in everything - tuna salad, salads, eggs, dipping in hummus.  YUM.)  Cherry tomatoes for salads, decaf coffee, a huge bag of oranges!  These will be dessert for the week. 

The Anti-Jared's post about Greek Yogurt has inspired me to try some.  Of course I didn't remember what kind he liked, and I ended up getting Chobani, which apparently he does NOT think is the greatest.  But, I'm excited to try it anyway.  I'm not brave enough to try the plain stuff yet, so I'm starting with vanilla. :)  Also, I got some light string cheese (@50 cal per, it's a great healthy snack.)  Also some Campbell's Select Harvest soups.  I love soup.  I know it's high in sodium, but I LOVE IT.  Especially because I live in Wisconsin and it's freakin' cold here in the winter.  I also found this great Ronzoni pasta, it's rainbow fettuccine, and I can't wait to make it.  I'll share that meal later with you guys, too.

Coffee creamer.  Green leaf lettuce, green grapes. 

I also have Lean Cuisine in my freezer for nights I don't feel like cooking.  I'm sort of embarrassed about this because I've been leaning toward more clean eating and these are nice and processed.  I hope to phase this type of eating out in favor of at least organic, preservative free alternatives.  But damn, I'm cheap, too.

So aside from drinking the Diet Coke, Coffee and Crystal Light, I am really trying to up my protein intake.  So, I like to do 8th Continent Soymilk.  I drink the "Light Original."  It's only 50 calories for 8oz, and has 6g protein and 380mg potassium. Oh, and it's delicious.  It tastes WAY better than any other light soy milk I've ever tried.  Also love glasses that show the 8oz mark.  I'd be very likely to just pour a huge glass of whatever I'm drinking, but when I see that line, it reminds me where 1 serving actually is.  

Oh, and wanna see what we chowed down on for the Playoffs game?

GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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