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Greek Yogurt and Coconut Flour Pancakes, Stress, Chocolate and a Run

Posted Mar 12 2013 7:05pm

Being so busy meant that a few days this week I was caught out without anything to eat for lunch. So what did I do? Go to the greasy spoon with all the boys? Pop into a sandwich shop? Nope, I opted for a shop bought soup! It might not be ideal due to the salt and the flour (is there no such thing as gluten free soup?!), but when you are busy and stressed, it doesn't mean all healthy eating has to go out of the window, it just means that I have to make the best choices I can. I opted for a tomato and coconut milk based soup, with chicken to make sure I had plenty of protein. It really was a yummy soup!
This week I've also been eating more  Sauerkraut, it worked well on top of an omelet for breakfast.

One one of the evenings I made my go to turkey mince and veg scramble, with a bit of sauerkraut on the side. I had thought of mixing it in as it cooked but I wasn't sure, but I think I'll do that next tine!
I've been experimenting with chia seeds, and have discovered that if I mix them with almond milk and dessicated coconut, then the chances are I'll like it! The one after this one wasn't as successful, I added cocoa powder, but far too much with no sweetener so it was very bitter and powdery, and it ended up in the bin. I decided to try thicker pudding on Thursday and used more chia seeds (15g), and less almond milk (150 ml), and it was definitely more like a pudding, and I have to say I quite liked it! Unfortunately it went unpictured as I was at my desk working away being super busy!
Even more coconut was consumed in the form of this Coconut and Macadamia energy ball. Easily one of my favourite protein 'bars'.

Friday nights are all about having something nice to look forward to eat after CrossFit: starting the weekend in the best possible way. This week I had taken venison steaks out of the freezer which I had bought reduced at Waitrose a few weeks ago. What I didn't realise was how unbelievably small they were! We decided to cut both in half so that we had a fair share. Despite the size, they were great, very tender, I'll have to get a proper portion for us next time. We also had fried red onions and cabbage, and to bulk out the meal I added organic local mild cheese to the mash, which was absolutely divine, I've not had cheesey mash in years!

I had a little friend hoping to nab a piece of my steak: sorry Jac, it was small enough as it was!

The next morning we stayed in bed watching The Killing, so by the time we got up it was quite late, and I was starving. I had promised to make Iestyn pancakes for breakfast, but I was just too hungry and couldn't wait! So for breakfast I had a bowl of full fat Total yogurt, chia seeds, persimmon, pear, fig and flaked almonds.

And of course coconut oil blended coffee for two! For any of you wondering how much to use, I used about 8g for us two.

Next it was pancake time! I hadn't made pancakes using coconut flour in ages, and they are my favourite, but are quite time consuming, so I knew they would be ready just in time for lunch! As I had some greek yogurt, I though it would be great experimenting with adding it to my usual recipe, and of course for a little extra protein.

Greek Yogurt and Coconut Flour Pancakes
Makes 6 pancakes

60g coconut flour
4 large free range eggs
200ml milk of your choice (I used a mix of almond milk and semi skimmed as I ran out of almond milk!)
150g full fat greek yogurt (I used Total)
2 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

In a bowl mix your coconut flour and bicarbonate of soda together thoroughly. In a different bowl beat together the eggs, add the milk, and whisk for a minute. Then add the yogurt and whisk hard. You need to keep on mixing for quite a while to make sure you get plenty of air in the batter, a hand held mixer would be ideal, but I used some elbow grease instead.

Sieve the flour and bicarb into the milk and egg mixture and mix well. Yet again give it a thorough mix, you don't need to worry about over mixing so much with coconut flour. Leave the mixture to stand for a few minutes to thicken. Melt a little coconut oil in a pan, and then turn on to the lowest heat possible, and ladle the mixture into the frying pan. You need to cook these slowly on low, they take quite a few minutes, you just have to be patient. Once you see a lot of bubbles form on the top, and that they have firmed up a bit, flip and leave for another few minutes, until cooked through. Due to having quite a long cooking time these do brown quite a bit, but as long as you keep the heat very low, they shouldn't burn! My mixture made 6, it's up to you how many you have!

Seeing as it was lunch time, I decided that savoury pancakes were the way forward, so I topped mine with a duck egg, spinach a little organic cheese and half a small avocado. Delicious!

For dinner I wanted to use this little packet of spice mix. I'd bought it for something like 20p in Asda as it was reduced, and it sounded really good, with no added sugars, salt or flours, just a spice mix. I know this is easily done yourself, but I tend to just throw whatever spices I have in a curry, which I suspect means that the ratios of different spices aren't at their optimum, and that every curry I make tastes the same. This one was made using coconut milk and chopped tomato's, as well as plenty of fresh coriander. It suggested coconut rice to serve, so I mixed some dessicated coconut into some cauliflower rice, but afterwards I realised that toasting the coconut would of taken it to the next level!

There has been lots of cauliflower rice about this week, with both Laura and Jemma blogging about it, check out their posts for more ideas. I'm really glad that I tried cauliflower rice and cauliflower mash when I went paleo, it really is such a useful vegetable. Can you believe that I've only liked cauliflower for about a year, but I now I eat it every other week! I wouldn't say it is exactly like rice, so I don't want you to be fooled, it's still cauliflower you're eating! If you just want something to place your curry on, it is great, curry's are generally full of flavour anyway, so I think something plain like cauliflower complements a curry well, as well as taking away some of the spicyness for any spice wimps like me! I think making egg fried rice like Jemma has done is my favourite way of using cauliflower rice though, one of my favourite paleo meals!
Saturday evening we watched a lot more of The Killing on Netflix- when we watch something we tend to get a bit obsessed! While we watched we ate this gorgeous bar of chocolate, with maple syrup and caramelised walnut pieces: how good does that sound? It really was divine. I have to say, I have eaten a lot of chocolate this week. As in every day. I've still been logging my food, but I think having 100-200 calories 'spent' on chocolate every day means that I'm probably not getting the optimum nutrition.

I already blogged as part of my WIAW that I ate this bar on Monday.
Then on Wednesday I must of been looking quite miserable as Iestyn out of the blue offered to go to the shop to get chocolate, which isn't something we generally do! He came back with my favourite, Ferrero Rocher, of which I had two, as well as two squares of Chocolate orange Lindt.

On Thursday we shared the above Mint Chocolate: it was really crisp, loved it.

And Friday was more of the Lindt Orange: so yes, a lot of chocolate.  Like I've already mentioned, I've had a pretty hard week, and if a little chocolate made it a little more bearable, then I wasn't going to stress about it. But now the week is over, I need to at least get through a few days without chocolate I think!

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