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Great workout today...I am slowly getting more stronger....

Posted Oct 03 2011 3:41pm
Well just a quick blog. My day has turned out great! So far I think I am past that really nasty weekend of whatever it but something that had me eating!! Shame on me:)

So I went to the gym later today. I have to say at first I wasn't sure about how I would be because I always preferred the mornings and whenever I went later on I found my strength and energy usually would be much lower. Today however very different. I was just fine. I went in there a little sour, just knowing what I ate over the weekend, and especially how I overate but glad I got myself in there anyways. That's tough sometimes. It always amazes me how food can either make you feel so good..or make you feel sooo bad that you don't even want to go to the gym. So terrible.

I had a great hard workout however, and when I was done I even managed to walk over to that machine I mentioned to you all about in a previous blog. The stand up ab one that you need to stay straight on and raise your legs, arms holding your body weight.

I really couldn't even do 1 just 4 weeks back! A machine  I could easily manage to be able to do at least 75 of them over at free form when I was in my best shape! Well......when I was all done my normal routine that I do, I walked over to it. I glanced around the room and I have to say "packed house"
But I just had to try it again. Its been 4 weeks since i tried it and was saddened when I couldn't even manage one...and I thought it would be a good test to use this machine to see if I have gotten stronger physically overall or not.

 So I got my ass up there...put my ear plugs back in....hoped that God would help me so I don't look like a fool...and...Go..
Well I managed to not only do 1..but 10!!! I was like smiling so big!! It was the best feeling in the world to know that my core and my arms and legs are now getting much stronger.

 As that guy said, that machine is a little more harder then the original that I used to use because it has a half bozo ball in the back of it so really emphasizes your core, but I DID IT!

I could have stayed and tried to do more, but thought I would quit while I was ahead! I felt so HAPPY! Now I will be incorporating that machine into my regular weight training time from here on in, and will vow to get to 75 again someday or more! But I really think this machine will be great for my lower stomach after having my 4th baby too! How exciting. Today has turned out to be a fantastic one despite the not so good weekend!

My girls who bought Vi from me and are in my private support group on facebook, they are doing so great! I am so proud of them all. They seem so happy with it which makes me that much happier and are seeing results! They started off me on the right foot this morning reading their entries!

Well this Friday I cannot promise great numbers. I have NO IDEA how they will turn out it should be interesting. I will NOT DARE weigh myself after last weekend until Friday...but will continue to try and switch it around until then as best as I can..but even if I either stay the same, or can lose 1-2 lbs even though I had a screw up, I would be more then happy with that!

Anyways need to eat my snack ( a little late) will talk soon
GO GIRLS GO!! And if you haven't jumped on this thing with us should seriously order! We are having a great time supporting each other as a group and I cannot wait to see how things start changing month after month! WE are just feeding off one and another and it makes it that much easier then going it alone!

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