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Great information on calorie counting, tips to losing weight and a "MUST BUY" book for awsome weight training exercises !!

Posted Aug 09 2010 6:52am
Hey everyone. I wanted to come on and share with you some information I came across that i thought you might find useful. I always said that if there was anything that I thought could help you, I will let you in on it!

Last night I was searching sites on calorie counting. Because we all know that the bottom line is, in order to successfully lose weight, you have to be eating the right amount calories. Its important to not go under whats needed so bodies can perform at maximum performance, and not send them into starvation mode (you dont want that)but its just as important that you ARE getting the right amount in, without going OVER. This is KEY.

Long term this is whats going to work, remember that. Alot of research says that it all comes down to calories. So whether you eat a chicken salad for lunch, or decide to have some sort of sandwich, in the end its all about the calories. Its better to choose nutritional foods of course, but really it comes down to counting. This is probably the only way that people can have a variety of different foods and feel satisfied in the end. YOU make your meal plan, YOU choose whats good for YOU! YOU know what foods you like best. YOU know what foods seem to fill you up. And you also know what foods to avoid and not have so much of only in moderation because they send you into overdrive (me, chocolate)So who better to make up the best eating plan then yourself! It is probably the only way that you don't have to totally deprive yourself of anything or use any certain diet with restrictions.

Now, if you want to sculpt your body perfectly so, you would have to eat pretty much clean for most of the time! There is no way people who have amazing bodies eat macaroni and cheese all the time or hotdogs. It just doesnt work that way. But if you are basically someone just looking to lose weight, to get into descent shape so you  can run after your kids, and live a happier life, and fit into a regular size pair of jeans, you want the basics.

Perhaps you are lost as far as this topic, and not sure how many calories you should be eating or get fraustrated with some foods that don't show their fruits etc..( I used to get mad at that because I knew an apple was good for me but how many calories is it really?) well I found the PERFECT website!!!!

You can pretty much punch in anything and it will find it for you. This is especially helpful with meats, fruits,veggies etc if you are looking to get right down to food counting and come across a food that doesnt happen to carry a label. And I have been trying it to make sure it works.....and friends ....its awsome! I was able to find my bran flakes on there, to my good oils I use, to grains, meats, most fruit..GREAT GREAT GREAT is all I have to say!

First off before that I want to mention something.

I was reading some information on what your calorie intake SHOULD be to begin with to achieve weightloss (not on that website but somewhere else). I mean this information obviously helps when starting.LOL

 IF you dont know where you should be...then you HAVE TO FIND OUT!! THIS IS THE FIRST STEP (and you can easily get this info from your doctor or a dietition but I personally chose to just research it)And what I read was you basically take what your ideal weight should be and multiply that by 10 or for me lets say I choose a healthy 150lbs as my number, a number that I can actually live with. A number that I would be happy with getting to and maintaining. Cause lets face it, you want to be honest with yourself,  you do not want to chose a number that YOU KNOW you will not be able to keep up. One that would be too HARD to maintain.  So, I then just simply multiply that number (150)by 10 or 12 . I guess whatever you feel more comfortable with which also depends on activity level I am sure, so...
150x10= 1500cals

So basically I can have anywhere from 1500 to 1800 calories and will lose weight. I will choose to go with somewhere in the middle because I do go to the gym and with my kids who drive me nuts, I would say my activity level is at least moderate:-).

 But friends look at those numbers for a minute?!! Those are high numbers and you wonder why most of us fall off the wagon sort of speak. WE PROB dont even eat that many calories when dieting. Our bodies starve and therefore we get off track and cave in, after a few days.

SO its important to make sure to get the RIGHT amount of calories in us as far as food for long term weightloss success. Remember this is NOT some race. This is something that will take time, but I would rather take time and do it right, then go fast..and gain it all back. Isnt it everyones dream to lose it and to keep it off and be free from the fat life forever. So if you are going to attempt to lose, and put alot of effort into doing so, do it RIGHT friends.  It is time to learn instead of wanting things just handed to us and something easy. Take it from me. It is not worth hitting the high note by doing a fad diet, or working out for 2 hours a day for a temporary time period and in the end finding yourself miserable trying to keep it going, feeling exhuasted, and just not being able to stick with something and in the end gaining it back.

And you also want something that will be somewhat comfortable for most of the time and not going to drive you insane because you are mentally and physically starving. I HEARD however you can go lower, and I would perhaps consider this if you are a couch potato and dont do any physical activity or perhaps dont do your beds in the morning:) but if you live a normal life like most of us, I am sure it should be higher. Remember that the lowest anyone should go (from what I read) is 1200 cals..anything under that amount of calorie intake is hitting danger zone. We need a certain amount of calories for our bodies to just FUNCTION on a normal everyday basis. But I would reccomend to try what I said first. Whatever your ideal weight should be...depending on height, body structure etc..make sure to multiply that by 10-20. (but be realisitic if you are going to try this) And that should be your ideal calorie consumption per day to get to that goal. Try it for a week or two..if it works great keep going. Make your own meals up and feel satisfied. If it doesnt and you are logging it all and being honest with yourself, then maybe you need to go down a few more calories. (Oh and I Am not a doctor so this information is just what I have read online:)) But it makes sense to me. I am trying it myself today. I will let you know how it works for me in two weeks time. If it works, then I think I am on to something:)

Now, remember that once you figure out your personal number of calories, THEN you can start counting. I know its not the funnest thing, but with time especially if you are like me who eats mostly the same kind of stuff throughout the week, you will start remembering your regular foods and you wont have to look them up anymore. Make sure to mark them down somewhere when you do find them for future reference.

So everyone ready for this website? Amazing website. OH forgot to mention that you will also be able to look up on their website if you like..preselected premade diet plans. So lets say for me I would like to find a meal plan for the day that is 1500 comes up. Isnt that awsome.! and you can share information with other users.

Before I post the link something else I want to mention. My friend liz gave me this book to use. To borrow. Anyways, its called "THE WOMENS HEALTH BIG BOOK OF EXERCISES". I was looking over this book last night, and its also something that is truely helpful where concerning weight training and exericses if you want to start incorporating the gym, or have already. (sometimes you dont need a trainer friends and pay thousands for that, all you need is to do a little research)

I was actually fraustrated the other day because I approached a trainer over at the gym I go to, and he mentioned how they normally dont do just one on one once a month sessions lets say or when you feel you need one, and then just give you a plan to follow until they see you again which is what I really wanted. They prefer to see you several times a week and you usually pay for so many sessions up front (which is alot of money for someone like me)(sometimes thousands). Thats USUALLY how THEY do it he said. No thanks, I will pass. But sadly here I have 140 dollars of gift certificates that two of my friends got me and I dont even know what to do with them now. Use them twice to open myself up, so they can tell me numbers I already know and get me started..then I am on my own after that because i am sure that amount of money is only good for two sessions. Why bother. Piss me off. Its all about money for these people. I guess I will see if they both (my friends) need a shirt or sweater from them instead.. I will buy 3 so we all get something out of it and call it a day! LOL fraustration hit me and I started skimming through this book again. And amazingly It has many different kinds of exercises for all your different body parts. From chest to back to legs everything! Includes pictures and demonstrations! Pretty easy to follow. Some exercises are advanced but there are quite a few that are good for people just starting out as well!

And it even has a workout program that you can use to follow, where they actually tell you what actual body parts to work in a correct order (combinations for optimal results) for your workout..and your job is to basically just choose from the number of different exercises demonstrated from each section, and theres your routine (WORKOUT A) for at least 4 weeks and your good to go!

And then you just make one more program combining different body parts given (different combination of body parts for workout B)and you just keep rotating every second day switching from both routines.
Talk about making it easy! So you would do ...
MONDAY workout A
TUESDAY off (cardio only)
THURSDAY off (cardio only)
FRIDAY workout A
SAT-SUN cardio
and you continue on rotating like that.

P.S. if there are any men reading this now I am sure they have a guys version of the book..or I am sure you would be able to do it as well.

Like for me I never really I work legs with I work chest with back..when do i work shoulders because believe it or not I think there is a science to it for better results...well..guess the dont need to guess anymore! LOVE IT!

It will give you the right order to work, and you just choose the right exercise for you for that body part they tell you to work. Isnt that awsome?? Decisions made easy for you. Thats what I like. But again, it does take some planning on our part BUT the information is THERE. This is most important. So now we got a balance of general knowledge between calories, and exercises..we should be good to go:)

And then you do that for about 4-6 weeks (up'ing your weights when you find the routine is getting easier)..and make up new ones using the same theory after the time is up choosing new exericises to give your muscles a wake up. You need to change them from time to time (but that book has LOADS of them). DONE. And this wont cost you thousands of dollars in personal training! Money grabbing jerks! LOL

So, I am thinking this is great information for you guys and for me. It takes a little bit of planning, but this information if used properly can set us all off on the RIGHT PATH  both thru exercise and calorie counting for long term success!

So here is the link FINALLY for the calorie website. Again awsome site, check it out!!! Loads of useful info..and best off..ITS FREE!! Oh and it gives you free workouts apparently too among other things...let me know what you think please!:) Talk soon

*THE WOMENS HEALTH BIG BOOK OF EXERCISES (the book I am using for my exercises)
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