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Great Chaos !

Posted Apr 30 2010 12:00am
Today is going to be a great day! That's exactly what I told myself when I got up and out of bed.

This has been the craziest week I have ever had. The whole house buying is totally nuts. So here's the deal on the house.

We found THE one.

The one of our dreams.

It's 2 story.. 2600 sq ft..4 bd 3 bth..formal dining..2nd living room area..amazing hang out area for Wii and coloring or whatever they want it for..upstairs laundry..massive master closet..5 piece master bath with jacuzzi tub..3 car garage..all on 1 acre of land. NICE huh!
We put our offer in Wednesday morning and haven't heard much of anything since. It's making me nuts. We know there was another offer and ours at the same time, but ours was better. Our offer is still on the table. Today is the last day for the 8K credit for first time home-buyers. If we get a contract by the end of today, we qualify for the 8K. If it ends up we miss out on the 8K, that's alright. We are still going to buy a house regardless, but that 8K sure would come in handy !!!! We need furniture and appliances. I'll keep you posted on what happens with the house... Just keep your fingers crossed and send a prayer our way ! Thanks!

On to today's weigh in ....

I lost 1.8 lbs this week! Yes I did! I'm super excited! I am down to 152.6... I am sooo close to the 140s. It's been forever since I've seen 140s. I'm really doing this. Can you believe it?? Wow! EXCITED! This week was sure hard on me with looking at a zillion houses and the stress of it all. The gym really helped me cope with it though. Back in the day, I would have had a gallon of ice cream or something. No more. I took my stress out on the elliptical and left it in the gym this week. I ended up with a really great week!

Monday -- no workout. total house chaos!
Tuesday -- 5 miles on the elliptical in 58 minutes! 902 calorie burn! Yeah baby!
Wednesday -- 4.2 miles on elliptical in 50 minutes..was interrupted by the realtor calling.. 832 calorie burn !!
Thursday -- total house chaos again. I did manage to start tanning though. 20 minutes of bliss!!!
Friday -- Kickboxing! Just what I needed!!! Feeling great and pumped up. 1033 calorie burn.

Today in kickboxing we did something new and it was GREAT. We got a body bar (9 lbs) and used it in our workout. We started with pumping the bar above our heads while doing jacks. NICE. Then we used the bar like a shovel to work our core. GREAT! It was one of the best classes today. I'm sooo glad I'm still going to that class. It's really changed things up for me and my body is changing and I LOVE THAT! The instructor has told us she has class 5 times a week and she's still sore because she changes things up so much it keeps our bodies guessing. It's working.

I also did some measurements last night. The last measurements I took were on April 5th.. Since then I have lost 2 1/2 inches and over 6 lbs. I'LL TAKE IT !!!

Oh!!! And I have a NSV to report...

4-29-10 @ 152 lbs 

I put my boots and jeans on with that belt I blogged about a few weeks back and I actually tucked my shirt in. I always left my shirt out to 'cover the rolls', but no more! I'm back to tucking and showing off my gorgeous belt.. that has become TOO BIG. I need to either get another hole punched in it or go shopping. Actually, all my clothes are too big and I need to go on a huge shopping spree. It has been at least 6 years since I shopped for clothes. I do believe a shopping spree is just what I need. =D

What a great day! I'm thinking about a run. Now I just need some news on the house and it will be a perfect day!
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