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Posted Jan 10 2010 2:34pm

In December, I kept a running list of things for which I am grateful. Here is that list, in no particular order:

• Tim
• non-fat Greek yogurt with berries, peaches, and walnuts
• the new friends I’ve made this year
• the feeling of self-acceptance that I have cultivated this year
• three grown, healthy and happy stepkids and a new son-in-law
• that I discovered naturopathic healing
• that John was able to do my hair yesterday even though I was 20 minutes late to my appointment (not on purpose)
• Lindt Intense Orange dark chocolate
• Jason Mraz
• sunshine
• that I reached out to friends yesterday instead of stuffing my face
• forgiveness
• those who attended the Flavours of Life holiday shopping benefit
• Bella who curls up with me to sleep
• the feeling of inclusion I get being a member of the Southeastern CT Women’s Network
• Tim
• our warm, safe, little home
• Facebook Scrabble
• myself
• my BIL Joshua, who is helping me kick Christmas dinner up a notch
• understanding
• John Irving
• asparagus
• my sister Holly
• glimmers of hope when I feel hopeless
• my blog
• the amazing community on Twitter
• that we’re not going to get a lot of snow on Sunday
• the ability to feel as much as I do
• Tim, always and forever
• Tim
• music
• flash mobs
• unfiltered EVOO from Saeed’s Market
• Sensei Sheryle
• my Mom
• A Voice In Recovery
• hot showers
• fresh mango, even in December
• Morgan Freeman’s voice
• tomato soup
• Ezekiel english muffins
• peanut butter made from organic peanuts and nothing else
• being physically fit enough to shovel 16 to 24 inches of snow off the driveway (so much for being grateful that we weren’t going to get a lot of snow!)
• the space heater in my office
• the Internet
• Claude and Bella
• my silk comforter
• the Sunday crossword puzzle
• those moments of peaceful surrender
• Tim
• the Winter Solstice (more daylight from now on!)
• 40+ degree temps for the next 10 days, with an excursion to 58 on December 26 (melt baby melt!)
• Sam, who has brought such joy and love into Jessica’s life
• the wonderful relationship I have with my Dad
• a man I know only as “Subperceptual”
• bright sunshine and a clear blue sky
• seeing this today: “Don’t assign negative values to your expressions of self.”
• time to plan, clean, and prepare
• sore muscles
• Tim
• Dr. Groves
• diagnoses
• treatments and solutions
• taking it step by step
• excellent cholesterol/metabolic numbers
• my book club
• hope
• crushed ice
• Tim
• my girlfriends at Ignite!
• knowing I don’t have to go to the store until after Christmas
• knowing that if I do, in fact, need something, Tim will go
• Tim
• preparing for our party and not feeling overwhelmed
• feeling better mentally
• knowing that I will soon feel better physically
• having Tim home for the 11 days
• Tim
• iTunes and being able to create a custom Christmas playlist
• being able to play my custom Christmas playlist wirelessly through our stereo system
• melting snow
• letting go of some residual pissiness regarding a certain someone
• my BFF Lisa
• my sister Holly
• my brother-in-law Joshua
• my niece and nephew, Macy and Madison
• my stepmom Liz
• my stepmom’s soon-to-be husband Richard
• my stepdaughter Jessica and her husband Sam
• my stepson Jeremey
• my stepson Bryan (who was not with us this year)
• the Dahlin family, Deanna and Peter and their amazing, wonderful children, Rebecca, Abigail, and Joe
• Chardonnay

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