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Good Weight Loss Psychology Is Finding Out What It is in You that Keeps Breaking the Rules of How to Keep Losing Weight

Posted Mar 04 2011 7:16am

There are rules of successful weight loss. But what gives the rules their real juice? That’s easy. It’s your own behavior.

There are rules to just about anything in life, and people—being just human—often break the rules.

So, what is it in your behavior that makes you break the rules and stop the wheels of weight loss progress? If you can figure that one out, you will have the power to follow the rules, and lose excess weight.

Rules are set, and rules are broken. It’s all in your hands. You can keep breaking the rules, and keep weight on—or, you can find out what it is in you that goes ahead to break the rules of dieting and exercising, or not eating so much—whatever. You are the deciding factor in the equation, there is no doubt about it.

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