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Good things and not so good things

Posted Sep 17 2009 10:33pm
Boy what a week. Monday after work I ended up feeling bone tired so I just crashed in the bed thinking I would sleep a few hours and ended up sleeping 5 hours straight. Then Tuesday morning I woke up late and was just feeling totally drained still. I guess I caught whatever the girl had last week. So I got the kids off to school and just went back to bed most of the day. It felt really good just resting.

By yesterday I was feeling better. I got the kids off to school and made it into work early. I've actually been getting to work early everyday since the kids started school which feels good since I've been a late to work person for years since no one around this place really cares as long as you put your time in.

Work was boring as anything yesterday. I've come to terms with the fact that next year I might not be working here anymore. The thought of finding another job after 21 yrs scares the heck out of me but maybe it is time for even more changes in my life. This has been a changing 2 yrs for me so this would definitely top it off in a grand fashion lol. For now though I'm just hanging in there and hoping for the best.

I had therapy yesterday too. Therapy was mostly talking about the house stuff and weight loss, nothing to deep or major. It always leaves me feeling good about myself and pretty normal. Dr. N made me come to think that maybe the reason I've been so calm lately is because I'm just trying to deal with not having the basics like a toilet and shower so nothing else seems so terrible in the grand scheme of things. That might sound weird but it does make sense to me and I think he's probably right.

TOPS last night was really great I thought. I fumbled through some of the stuff I wanted to say but sometimes I tend to ramble (news huh? lol). No one seemed to mind my rambling and hopefully everyone got something out of it. I was amazed that every single person in our chapter showed up. That is a total of 16 people, we usually have meetings of about 7-8 folks and at one point it was just 2-3 of us. I think my new bean contest has really motivated people and having teams makes everyone want to come through for their team mates. We talked about body fat and lean body mass and the importance of exercise. I had taken every one's measurements and had typed up info for each person with a possible goal weight for them. I'm really hoping everyone will continue to feel good about themselves and keep coming to meetings.

As for me, I lost 3 lbs this week which puts me at 200.6. My state coordinator cracked me up when she said "go take your pants off" lol of course she was kidding but I bet I might have been below 200 had I done that lol. But I guess that just means I have to be more determined and motivated this week to get that next lb off so I can be officially in the 100's. I'm scared and excited all at the same time about it but I also know it's going to happen.

So the not so good thing is that after I got home from TOPS our renter came over. If you can even believe things could get worse at my house she told me that poopy water came up in their shower and that their toilet isn't working lol. Mike keeps assuring me that their issues aren't because of anything we've done at our house that it's a separate issue but I keep thinking how is it possible for all that to go on at the same time without it being related. So anyway, tonight Kevin and Mike will be digging up the septic pipe to the cottage. We are hoping it's just the old pipe (the only pipe at this point not replaced in our septic system) that hopefully Mike can replace and things will be fine for them again. If not then I have no clue what the issue is and I will be tempted to take a match to the whole darn place and call it a day lol.

At this point I can't even get upset anymore. We carted off our red car yesterday to the auction and hopefully will be bringing home a used mini-van from the auction this weekend. I feel tired and worn out from it all but I'm still grateful for a roof over my head. I'm still making the best of it.

Tonight I'll be grocery shopping and buying lots of good for me stuff. I'm looking forward to a good week. I'm not sure I'm going to continue with my weight training. I think if I was willing to lower the weights to really light amounts I might be able to manage without stomach pain but the thought of being a "girl" at the gym doesn't sit well with me lol. So I'm not sure what my exercise will be tonight.

Well till tomorrow...
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