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Good Food vs. Bad Food

Posted Jan 27 2009 3:42pm

Last week was one of those strange weeks, I didn’t focus on weight loss, I ate a lot of chocolate, no exercise, went to bed really late but I didn’t gain weight, and I hit a new low on the scale. I don’t dare to say yay yet, because every time I do my scale is going upward. I don’t know why I lost …maybe it depends on how I stop seeing food. There’s no definition of good food vs bad food. Food is simply food that give us nutritions. Some give us more value that’s all. However, there’s a good choice vs. bad choice. We should be less focusing on food, and focus more on why do we make that choice? You may not come up with the answer, but that’s alright.

I’m slow like a snail, you hardly see me move…but I do =)

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