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Going to Virginia Beach

Posted Sep 14 2010 12:15pm
Well I heard back from my niece so we are all going to Virginia Beach this weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing her and hopefully she is looking forward to seeing us too. Friday night I will be spending the night at her place while the family stays at a hotel. That will give us some time to talk then Kevin will stay with her Saturday night so they can have some time alone too. I hope it will do us all some good.

After work last night I walked 4 1/2 miles and I walked another 4 1/2 tonight. It felt good being outside after work. It was a really pretty day. I love being able to walk outside. I also got my new coolmax capri's. Got my new shoes last week if I didn't mentioned that. So I'm pretty set for the race. Still need to get my new coolmax shirt. Mike walked 4 1/2 miles tonight too and had already walked 3 at work. I think he's going to kill that weigh-in tomorrow. I can't wait to see how well he does.

Not sure I mentioned but I got myself a new little ipod shuffle too. My old one wouldn't show up on my computer and I was soooo sick of listening to the same 40 songs over and over again. So the new one has about 250 songs and it's been nice listening to some new stuff. Now when you order something from apple you can get it engraved so I had them put "I HAVE THE POWER WITHIN" put on it. I have found myself repeating that to myself every time I use it. It really is true, we all have the power within us to do anything.

I have a confession to make. Yesterday I took a piece of candy out of the candy bowl. I talked myself into it because it wasn't chocolate, just a lollipop and I thought it would be harmless. But then I got to thinking man that will throw away 21 days and so I didn't eat it. Sometimes rules we make for ourselves are tough to keep but I know this is one I need to keep.

Tomorrow is open house at TOPS. I'm hoping we will see some old people come back and some new ones too. I'm not sure what my part in it all will be but I figured I'd print out my list of tips and people could take one if they wanted. I'm trying to get my boss to go. My 2 other coworkers that go are working on him too. He really needs it.

So I got some terrific news today, well terrific to me anyway. I had contacted the plastic surgeon I had went to back in March and asked if it was possible to get my arms done at the same time as the body/thigh lift. Well he said yes. He also gave me a great price on it all so my arms really won't cost hardly anything extra. At first they said I could only have the great price till the end of the year but when I explained I wouldn't have vacation time till January he extended the discount till the end of March. So I'm going to start figuring out the financial part of things so I can hopefully do it in early January. I'm feeling super excited, scared, guilty about wanting to spend all that money but I also feel it's something I want for myself. It really would be the final piece for me. Maybe in a few years I can have new boobs too lol but really it is my arms and all the goo around my middle that affects me the most.

Food has been good today. Tonight I made a shrimp, peppers, onion omelet boy was it yummy and only 300 calories for a huge plate of food. It didn't bother Mike's allergies at all either. I think it being frozen is the trick. So maybe I can cook shrimp at home now. I found the frozen shrimp just as good too. Not sure if I mentioned too that I tried salmon cakes and they were pretty good too. Also, frozen so really easy to heat up. I think I need more quick stuff like that plus I'm getting tired of chicken most of the time. I bought some tuna too.

The scale was looking good today so I'm hoping it will hold out till tomorrow.

Don't think Mike and I will be doing our long walk this weekend since we will be in VA. Both of us are having ankle trouble so I'm thinking maybe a week off from the long walk will do us both good. I still plan on walking plenty while I'm in VA though. Then the following Sunday will be 12 miles. Then the 2 weeks before the race we cut back to 8 miles then 6 miles so we will be all rested for race day. It's less than 5 weeks away, I'm excited.

Not sure what my new goal will be after the half marathon but I'm sure I'll think of something.

Well I better get to bed.

Till next time...
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