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Goals and "Stuff"

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:13pm
Long-Term + Short-Term Goals a la Amy's 15 Week Challenge - I've mentioned these on my blog in different posts but here they all are together in one post.

Long Term Goals:
  1. Get to my goal weight of 145-150 lbs (Still deciding what's feasible for my lifestyle).
  2. Get to Lifetime and become a WW Leader.
  3. Get into Teacher's College and take AQ courses in Nutrition to educate youth about living a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Get certified as a Pilates instructor.
  5. Get in good physical shape so that I can be a better volleyball player than I ever was when I was a overweight athlete.
  6. Dance again...
Long Term Rewards:

Some of my goals are my rewards -- do they still count?
  1. Head to Toe Outfit down to the hair bow!
  2. My butterfly tattoo (To symbolize my transformation)
  3. My AQ courses in Nutrition (mucho dinero)
  4. My pilates certification (more cash to put away for this)
  5. Dance classes (drop in classes get expensive).
Short Term Goals:
  1. Get to my elusive 10% WW Goal (Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get there). ✓ [I DID IT - Aug 7, 2009]
  2. Sign up for and Run my first 5k.
  3. Get to my healthy weight of 160 lbs.
  4. Exercise 5x a Week (or more) vigorously (Walking doesn't count).
  5. Incorporate 1 new recipe into my meal plan every week.
  6. Temporarily fit back into the jeans that are hiding in my closet (I bought 2 pairs of fat jeans in December when I could no longer fit into the stack I had in my closet).
Short Term Rewards:
  1. A Bosu Ball
  2. Lululemon Tank + Cropped Pants
  3. A New Yoga Mat
So now they're all in writing so I have to get to them right? Let's hope so.

Here's the "stuff"

Breakfast: Zucchini Omelet With Part Skimmed Provolone + 2 Slices Bodywise Bread + Homemade Salsa

Snack: 1/4 Cup Strawberry Ice Cream in a Waffle Bowl - So tiny but so yummy!

Lunch: Same as yesterday (am I starting to bore you yet?). It's just so good and such a good use of my points. Actually wait, I added homemade guac today and celery so it's different than yesterday's lunch.

Just a random pic of my second batch of salsa/pico de gallo.

Dinner: Pasta -- it's been a while. 4 Points worth of No Yolks Noodles with zucchini and tomatoes in pasta sauce.

That's all for food. On the exercise front I had a totally kick butt workout today with a nice session on the treadmill followed by some pilates. I'm feeling great. I've been so good this week. *pats self on the back*

Thanks for reading.

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