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Gnu Flavor & Fiber Bars

Posted Jul 31 2010 4:18am

The kind (and patient) folks at Gnu Foods sent me a box of their fiber bars a few months ago to taste test and review. It’s taken me awhile to post this review because there are seven different flavors and I wanted to try them all! So far, I’ve only had six flavors, but I’ve enjoyed all the ones I’ve tried.

The flavors are: banana walnut, chocolate brownie, cinnamon raisin, espresso chip (which I have not tried), lemon ginger, orange cranberry, and peanut butter.

For those of you who don’t know what Gnu Fiber Bars are, they are baked bars that contain nearly 50% the daily recommended value of fiber per bar. They have the texture of a granola bar but taste similar to oatmeal (in my humble opinion).

Gnu Bars are:

Notice the goat with the healthy heart and churning-gear stomach. I want to be that goat!

Gnu Bars have:


FIRST TASTE TEST: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Brownie Bars

I am a huge fan of both peanut butter and brownies, so I decided to try these two bars first. The chocolate brownie bar does NOT have the texture of a gooey, decadent brownie, and the taste is not as close to a chocolate brownie as I had hoped.

Honestly, the chocolate brownie is my least favorite flavor. I think it’s because I expected it to be something it wasn’t.

Note to self: if you want a brownie, eat a real brownie.

The peanut butter bar, on the other hand, was quite delicious. It tasted like peanuts, which was what I was looking for.

I can see this being a perfect morning or afternoon snack, a great substitution for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Between the chocolate brownie and the peanut butter, I would choose the peanut butter every single time.


SECOND TASTE TEST: Banana Walnut Bar

I really liked the banana walnut bar. It tastes similar to banana nut bread, but without the guilt! I actually like the banana walnut bar more than the peanut butter bar since the whole grains are capture the fruit taste extremely well. The walnuts are a perfect complement to the banana taste.

If you do NOT like bananas, you should still try this bar. The banana taste isn’t overwhelming since it is somewhat masked by the walnuts.


THIRD TASTE TEST: Lemon Ginger and Cinnamon Raisin Bars

In general, I really like the taste of ginger. It’s a strong, distinct flavor that I believe accentuates a variety of dishes, from salty to sweet.

The lemon ginger bar is quite enjoyable, not as much as the banana walnut or peanut butter ones, but the taste stays true to its name. The ginger taste stands out more than its counterpart, but you can definitely taste the slight hint of lemon. The combination of lemon and ginger works very well.

I enjoyed the cinnamon raisin bar. There are actually tiny bits of raisins inside the bar, adding to both the taste and texture.

The cinnamon is not overpowering. It’s the perfect balance between cinnamon and raisin. The cinnamon adds that extra boost to the raisins, combining the sweet taste with a tad of spicy.


FOURTH TASTE TEST: Orange Cranberry Bar

My absolute favorite bar out of the bunch is the orange cranberry. The citrus taste really shines through the grain and, coupled with the cranberry, makes for a delicious treat. I could eat this for breakfast, afternoon and evening snack, or late night snack (which I have done). The orange and cranberry complement each other extremely well, helping to bring out both their individual as well as their combined tastes.

It’s got that tangy taste that reminds me of summer. I love it.


UNTESTED: Espresso Chip Bar

I have yet to try the espresso chip bar but I’m getting to it! I’m not a super huge coffee person, so the espresso chip didn’t grab my attention but I’ll taste it soon.



Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Gnu Foods Flavor & Fiber Bars. They are great for when you’re hungry and need a quick snack, perfect for when you’re rushing out the door and don’t have time to make a meal, or when you just want something to munch on.

Out of a box of 14 (two of each flavor), I only have four left!

Thanks to Gnu Foods for giving me this opportunity to review and gobble up these delicious Flavor & Fiber Bars.


If you’ve tried Gnu Fiber Bars, what is your favorite flavor?

If not, what flavor would you most like to try?


FTC: Aside from receiving the products to be reviewed, I received no compensation for this post. All thoughts contained within reflect my honest opinion.

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