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Gliding Gracefully on the Treadmill

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:20am
Hey hey hey! I just wanna say that I'm feeling pretty great. I mean OMG, this week has been going really well, especially after that disastrous binge I started the week off with...

On Tuesday I did something that I would have NEVER been able to do a year ago. After lifting some weights with my friend Max, we hopped on the treadmills to do some hardcore cardio. I started off at a walking pace, but seeing Max run motivated me to speed up the MPH. I knew my left knee was gonna feel like crap afterwards, but I went for it anyway.

/happy dance

I jogged on the treadmill for TWENTY MINUTES STRAIGHT. It was an unbelievable experience! I realized that THIS was why I was losing weight. I could barely run for a minute when I weighed over 300 pounds, but now I feel like an entirely new person. My majestic panda wings are continuing to grow.

I'm going to be a runner.

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