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Glad it's Friday

Posted Feb 20 2009 7:22pm
I'm glad it's Friday and I'll have a weekend home. I'm still in my funk but I can feel it lifting a little. I did really poorly with food yesterday, not so much what I ate but more how much I ate, 2800+ calories. My maintenance amount is 2700 so I better watch myself or I'll have another gain. I'm going to really try this weekend to do better with food than my typical weekend. We'll see how it goes.

Yesterday was actually an ok day. I took my son to occupational therapy and talked to the therapist a few minutes before he went in. I could tell she talked to him after we got home because we had a pretty good evening.

The nephew had a tech expo he was helping with so he was gone so the kids had to go to the gym with hubby and I. The boy took his homework with him and got it done there and then when we got home we studied for his spelling test.We had no fighting or upset, it felt nice.

The gym went ok but I did have a little misshap that made me feel pretty embarrassed but such is life. I went up in weights last night as the book told me too. But I tried to do a little too much on the bench press and then couldn't get the weight back up after I brought it down to my chest. Instead of just staying calm and waiting a minute or two till I got some strength back I sort of freaked a little lol. I kind of rolled it down the front of me and got up lol. It shows me that even though I'm not lifting much at all I probably should ask someone to spot me. I just kept thinking goodness it's only 75 lbs I should be ok. But as I found out last night it was a bit to much for me. So anyway the plan for next arm day is to just do 65 and if I do find myself tired to just relax and not stress myself and that in a minute I will recover. Anyway, I'm sure some saw me lol but oh well such is life. I'm guessing had I given one of the men a chance someone would have come to my rescue.

I was pretty worn out after doing heavier weights so just wasn't up for the treadmill and jogging so I did 6 mins on the elliptical and then 9 mins on the recumbent bike, pretty lame but at least I got in a little cardio.

I was thinking about going again tonight and doing the jog/walk thing but hubby has been a bit grouchy so I might just try to spend some quality time with him instead (no food involved lol).

I think I might take the kids to ride go-carts this weekend. I haven't ridden a go-cart ever. I remember bumper cars but not go-carts. Anyway, it sounds really fun to me and the girl keeps asking when we are going to go.

Tomorrow is gym day so I'll be doing my leg workout. I've added the ab and back machine and think it's a pretty good workout now. My knees have been feeling a bit better since starting the arthritis meds and glucosamine. I'm glad I'm not doing anymore damage to them. I'd like to think I'll be able to keep them another 10-15 yrs.

Well I'm heading out to take my nephew to the doctors. He's been fighting the dreaded sickness for over a week now and finally caved in and stayed home today. He has an ear infection on top of it too so he needs to go to the doctors.

Till tomorrow...
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