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Give These Two Health Foods The Boot From Your Healthy Eating Plan

Posted Dec 06 2010 4:36pm

Are you absolutely confused after reading everything that is around in the media these days about what we should and shouldn’t be eating in the mission to burn our belly fat?

If your hand is up here, rest assured because I can guarantee you that you are not the only one who is left scratching their heads.

You get the drift right? I mean you can read one thing and pretty much hear the exact opposite advice in the next paragraph.

Trust me on this, I have seen it before and wrote about it in one of my healthy eating myths exposed posts.

So, if someone like me who does this for a living can get confused I can absolutely understand why the average Joe and Jane in the street just give up on their eat healthy mission.

Now it’s time to draw a line in the sand and give you 2 foods that you should never include in your healthy eating plan – despite the marketing campaigns and the plugs by nutritionists who should know better.

First food off the rank today are snack bars.

These have any number of names from breakfast bars to snack bars to nut bars and muesli or granola bars.

They are all the same thing. They pretend to be healthy because they have nuts or some ‘healthy’ breakfast cereal in them.

Yes, nuts are healthy. They are a super food that contain many nutrients that are beneficial to our everyday living as well as our overall fat loss results.

But just because nuts are in these bars doesn’t automatically make these bars a health food.

These Are Good Nuts

Why is that? Well let’s start with all of the sugars that are added for a bit of taste. In some countries corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup is added too (big nasty).

After discovering this surely you can’t exactly call these exact same nut bars a healthy food option now?

As for these breakfast bars meal replacement things – they are a joke. They are just a sugar hit in a wrapper.

Processed cereals do not make a healthy snack and they definitely don’t make for a healthy breakfast.

The thing with these snack bars is that they are going to give you a big instant sugar hit.

And we all probably know what comes after a massive sugar hit don’t you? That’s right – A bigger down where your blood sugar levels are going to crash big time.

Just like after a kid goes through like a cyclone after having some ice cream or soft drink only to crash and burn later.

Food number 2 on my list are actually a group of foods – anything that contains the word diet or lite.

I can give you a 100% guarantee that these foods are not healthy for you. In fact they are just manufactured bits of evil.

Just imagine the evil Darth Vader from Star Wars and you have a good idea of what these things are like (once were thought of as good but are now pure evil).

The real thing that actually happens when you eat these diet or lite foods is the fat (the good stuff) is taken out of whatever you are eating and replaced with artificial sweeteners and sugars. (Bad news).

So, the sugars and artificial sweeteners add the taste to this fake food that is taken out when the fat is removed.

The downside of this is that unlike fat, sugar does not fill you up.

Fat is actually very filling for your body. These replacements stimulate your body to crave more and more of that food, meaning you eat more and more. The end result of course is you putting on more and more weight.

This simply does not happen when you eat real and natural foods that have their natural fat content.

If you can promise yourself to away from these two so called ‘health’ foods I can promise you that you will be well on the way to achieving a healthy eating plan fit to strip the inches of belly fat away.

Don’t be sucked in by marketing lies.

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