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Getting rid of "Wheat Belly"

Posted Oct 18 2011 5:29pm 3 Comments

Yesterday, I heard of a man name Dr.Davis and his wheat free diet/lifestyle plan. Basically, he advises to rid your diet of wheat. At first, this made sense to me but I then began to worry. What contains wheat?-practically everything I eat! Bread of all type. So, this means pizza, hamburgers? What about snacks and desserts? Donuts (which I had this morning), cookies, cereal. I can no longer make a turkey sandwich or have garlic bread and spaghetti. I felt sad before I even started!

Like most things, if you want to see progress, if you want to see change, you have to do the work. Today I have some things I have to throw away like my english muffins, raisin bran cereal and the rest of those donuts! I also need to head to the book stroe and pick up Dr. Davis' book. I decided to take my current measurements. I completed my 3rd 5k on Sept 24 and I'm currently training for a 10k for Nov 11 and it will be awesome to see what progress I can make until then:

Height: 5' 7"

Age: 31

Weight: 197.2

Bust circum: 44"

Waist circum: 41.5"

Butt circum:44"

I don't mind having a big, firm butt, but the waistline has got to go :).....

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wow thats a lot of running. but on the wheat thing thats true i stoped eating all wheats started gluten free and i lost 20 lbs also no soda diet or other wise. im diebetic so i dont eat sugar either. i eat two veggies with dinner always.  and my doctor put me on the zone diet for my fibromilsa . thats great but he told me to drink one cup ofgreen tea 3 time a day, one cup of hibicus tea one time day and one cup of ginger tea 30min before my biggest meal of the day but no matter how much honey u put in ginger tea it taste like ivory SOAP.  that really wked on wieght lose and stress i stopped for a while but im started  again now that ive got other stuff under control.
I also stopped with the soda. I am....I mean WAS a certified soda addict. I'm really beginning to understand the effect of sugar on the body. I'm also realizing how much I was consuming just from soda alone. When you stopped soda, did you have withdrawal??? I have had headaches from not consuming the caffeine.

oh ya i did i started getting migrains agains but they slowy went away. iwent to a new dr yesterday who said i was 100 lbs over wieght im weighing 211 today, he took my hieght i'm  5'5" 1/2 so he said the bike i do at the gym is bad for me i need to walk a mile a day so i did today then he said the alfull words i hate hearing u need to stop smoking. so it 1:50 ive had only 1 cig. he also said besides the no white flour rule no pork, and nothing fried, whitch i dont do any way. but he keep saying eat less i could make him understand i dont eat a lot know.. who knows but im tring im gonna lose the weight that i know...

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