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Getting Rid of an Eating Pattern That Is Not Right For You

Posted Jan 13 2013 7:44am

When you overeat or eat too many calorie-rich foods can you take it back after you’ve done it? This is the plight of the woman who has gone ahead and done something she shouldn’t have done, like eaten off her diet. She couldn’t stop herself beforehand. She could only stop herself afterward. Right? We all know what this is like.

For consumers, a product consumer that is, there is a cooling-off period in which the consumer can return what wasn’t right for her. Why not establish the same return policy for your pattern of eating. A cooling-off period: that’s a good way of putting it. It’s a time after you eat too much food or too many fattening foods when you make your returns— to normal eating or to your weight-loss diet food plan. You don’t go on buying or eating what you already regret, you return to being without it (fattening foods, the too expensive outfit, the third pair of the same sandals—different color).

For product consumers, there have been cooling-off laws on the books since the 1970s. Returning what isn’t right for you, or what you don’t need, or what you regret has become a good out for women. Why not at least use the same rule of thumb (if not law) for eating that leads to excessive weight gain. Return it when it’s not right for you.


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