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Getting Real About Plateaus

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:18pm
This is a frustrating topic for some. I seems that learning about these "plateaus" almost goes hand in hand with learning the program. It's almost like people approach their weight loss journey with the expectation that they will eventually plateau. I believe that for some, this can cloud their minds as to the cause and whether or not it is in fact, a plateau or "relaxed adherence to the plan." Plateaus obviously do occur to people who say they are doing everything right. But I want to challenge you a little bit on this topic. Instead of immediately succumbing to the explanation of the inevitable "plateau" when your numbers have stalled and you still have a way to go, make sure that you haven't gotten too comfortable with your counting and measuring to the point where you're starting to skew your judgments as to portion sizes and following the healthy guidelines!

It may be that if your efforts are not showing up on the scale that is due to the dreaded plateau, this does happen, but I would say, for your own sake to re-evaluate your routine and double-check that it is not a result of relaxed adherence to the plan. If you are in it for the long haul, you are bound to, at some point, let the routine drive you and in the result, realities about portion sizing and points counting can be cloudy.

JMHO of course
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