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getting ready to give up!!!

Posted by katie

I was doing so well in the begining its like nothing is coming off I am not sure what to do I wanted to be down at least 20 more pounds in July and its not going to happen I am doing everything I can think of I just want to go get a big hamburger and scream.... what should I do?
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Hi katie,

You have tried so hard this is not the time quit  , go for a Weight Loss Program . Nothing is impossible keep trying. Best of Luck


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Dont give up Katie!!!.I have been watching Losing it with Jillian michaels, I tihnk it on a 8 on tuesdays...she is tough but so inspirational and really sends great advice. I have lost ten pounds in the past month by working out and changing eating habits. Hopefully this can help you with your situation! Because of watching other situations I have come to a realization that I will not give up until I make my goal of losing 30 pounds happen!
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