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Getting Old?

Posted Aug 28 2014 10:06pm

Well, last week I turned 42! Does that even seem possible? Well maybe to you- you don’t really know me, but I bet to my parents or my auntie- that just seems like crazy talk! LOL


This is 42!

This is 42!

I thought I might have this profound series of thoughts… but I don’t. LOL

I WAS thinking about how I just do not care about new or popular music anymore. I would rather have an 80′s dance party than listen to any other kind of music. My Guy is so opposite of that. The other day he bought tickets to a rap concert. Really? LOL It is a local- now-national rapper that our boy loves… he’s not even sure who is going to go with him to the show- he just got the tickets. :) 

But me? When I turn on the music (usually in the shower, since we do not have a car to listen to the radio in…) It’s usually Pandora 80′s music station! LOL I love a good 80′s dance party! I always say- nothing can keep you in the doldrums when you are facing to the 80′s! LOL

What about you? What kind of music do you like to listen to? Has your taste continued to expand? or has it just stayed the same as you get older?

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