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Getting off the nuts

Posted Feb 20 2009 7:22pm
I've decided I need to get off the nuts. It's weird the way I do things. It's like I go along for weeks, even months, eating something almost everyday. I eat it in moderation and then all of a sudden something happens and I'm eating way more than I should. Well that's what has happened with nuts.

Weeks ago you check my food and there's 1 serving of nuts throughout the day, 1/2 serving in the morning and 1/2 serving in the afternoon. Well that wasn't the case this week. Yesterday I had 3 servings of nuts. That just can't happen and expect to lose weight. So I've decided to give up the nuts. At least for awhile till I feel I can have better control. As I'm typing this I'm feeling anxiety about not having my nuts lol. What is wrong with me? lol Anyway, that's the plan.

So I made it to the gym last night, barely, but I made it. For some reason the hubby wanted to come home and cart me off to the bedroom, I know TMI lol. Seems likes since he's lost weight he's more frisky lol. Anyway, I'm so like a man and so before I know it I'm waking up and it's almost 7:30pm. Where the heck did the evening go lol. So I debate and debate do I really want to go to gym, I'm going tomorrow so I COULD skip today. But I knew I had said here yesterday I was going so I felt like I had to follow through. So hubby and I got dressed and we headed out. We got in a good workout and then had to stop of the grocery store. We didn't get back home till almost 10pm. The poor kids didn't hardly see us at all yesterday.

I really need to work on spending more quality time with them. We haven't had a game night in weeks. With all my son's appts every week and then I had several myself last week it's just been run, run, run. I'm hoping things will start to slow down soon. Anyway, this weekend I'm going to make a plan to spend some real quality time with the kids, maybe we can go out somewhere. I'll have to give it some thought.

My food yesterday was good but just too much of it. I ate all clean but I just felt like I wanted to eat and eat and eat. Other than my soup for lunch I got no veggies in either. I really need to work on that.

Well I guess that's it from me today. (as I sit here eyeing the nuts on my desk lol)

Till tomorrow...
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