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Getting my Run on!

Posted May 12 2014 10:06pm
There was a time when if I didn’t run regularly- I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I moved my body regular and I was FAST!Get in Gear 2014Get in Gear 2014

I was looking at old race scores the other day after our first race of the season- (Get in Gear 2014) and I was pretty regularly running about a 10 minute mile. This race? I ran 12:37.. UGH!

Part of my the purpose of my crazy working out schedule (see the previous post) is because I am trying to manage the knee. Trying to keep it from freaking out on me from over-use and revenging me from working out or running at all. (Believe me, after almost a year and half pretty much OFF because of the injury when I fell off my bike in the sumer before I got married, it should be well rested and ready to go!) So far- the method is working!

I am definitely in some pain after my runs. It is achy and sore when I am starting my workouts. BUT overall it is not nearly as bad as it was when I first got hurt.. YAY! I am learning the difference between pain and injury… and I am not injured. It just hurts.

So- I am moving! I am running. It is slow going- (kind of depressing) but it feels good at the end of the day! YAY!

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