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Getting It: Eye Candy is Better Than Real Candy

Posted Apr 14 2010 4:52am

I do my best to inspire you with centerfold-worthy food, but I’m certainly not a photographer. So when you’re not in the mood to eat healthy…when the Golden Arches are calling your name…please first turn to the best healthy food porn the internet has to offer! These blogs are the antidote to “This Is Why You’re Fat.”

Fuck Yeah Health . “Get inspired to eat healthy!”

Oh…oh I am.

Then there is Simply Breakfast . “The Art of Breakfast.”

simply breakfast

This makes me want to weep. And then move to Europe.

I love that these blogs are putting gorgeous pictures of healthy food in one happy place! They just have tons and tons of pretty pics; I can’t look at them and not want to eat healthy! It makes me want to go to the farmers market right now for berries and then milk a cow to make my own cream and butter.

But you’re still wanting that cheeseburger? OK, fine. Here’s some meat.

Lord have mercy.

So not interested in food anymore.

This makes me want to start a new blog with manly pics like this. I’ll call it “This Is Why You’re Wet.”

Happy Hump Day, girls and boys!

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