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Get Your Exercise Motivation Back With 3 Key Ingredients

Posted Feb 11 2011 6:35pm

There are many reasons for the loss of exercise motivation.  When January 1 hits motivation and aspirations are at an all time high.  Then as all the external Hoo Ha of the New Year fades away, usually so goes the desire to keep up with all the resolutions made weeks ago.  

One of the biggest reasons for this has nothing to do with anything outside of your two ears.  The biggest exercise Mojo crusher is not having your head in the game.  You've got to work on your inner self first then the outer self will catch up.

As with what's behind true happiness and joy.  Motivation for long lasting exercise habits and good nutrition are all inside jobs

Try adding the following ingredients to your game and watch your mind, body and soul thrive and flourish in ways that you've never imagined. 

3 Key ingredients for Exercise Motivation Revitalization

1.) Be happy and grateful for where you are and what you have now.  Not when you lose 20 lbs or 5 inches off your waistline.

2.) Love and respect yourself.  Practice self love and care for yourself enough to maintain your body with good wholesome food choices and regular exercise.

3.) Care for YOU first.  Time to be selfish.  If you don't put your own oxygen mask on first you'll eventually run out of air and not be any good to anyone else.  More often than not everyone and everything is more important than YOU.  Change that. Schedule you time first and watch your body and health improve dramatically.

Have any other helpful exercise motivation boosters?  Please share them in the comments section below.

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