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Get Rid of Your Back Pain… Free Up Your Hips Part 2

Posted Mar 01 2013 11:19am

400px-Anterior_Hip_Muscles_2 As I mentioned in the  last post , one of the most common low  back pain  causes is NOT usually a “bad back”  it’s “tight hips”.

In today’s Fix your body Friday feature we’re going to cover part 2 of a simple fix that also doesn’t require a doctor or a chiropractor.  All you need to do is find yourself some space on the floor and grab your tennis ball.

Now we’re going to focus on loosening up the front part of your hips and really get at the Iliopsoas group.  Which is really 2 muscles the Illiacus and the Psoas Major.  These two together are the strongest of the hip flexor team ( others are  rectus femorissartorius , and  tensor fasciae latae ) who’s  major job is to bring your knee up towards your trunk.

Again the tennis ball is going to fill in as your deep tissue massage therapist and will help make your muscles and  fascia  looser, which will help will the ultimate goal of freeing up tightness in the hip joint.

Check out the quick video for:

Free your Hips Part 2

Tennis Ball  Illiopsoas  Massage 

1.) Kneel on floor in an upright position.

2.) Take tennis ball and place about an inch to the right of your belly button with your right hand.

3.) Place left hand on top of right hand and tennis ball and press inward and in a circle to massage the muscles all around your belly button freeing up the fascia and ironing out knots in the abdominal area.

4.) Lay face down on the floor and place the ball about it an inch to the right of your belly button and let it settle in.  It may be a little uncomfortable at first especially if your Iliopsoas is super tight.

5.) Place arms in out in front of your head and bend your elbows to about 90 deg.

6.) Push forearms into the floor and raise your head and shoulders up off the ground placing more pressure from your body against the ball.

7.) Repeat for a total of 4 times.

8.) Next push your arms into the floor raise up your head and shoulders while raising your right leg.

9.) Repeat for a total of 4 times.

10) Do the same placing the ball an inch to the left of your belly button.

11.) Then rinse and repeat again on the right because more than likely you’re  tighter on the right side .

Try part 2 and then repeat part 1 and let us know in the comment section below if it helps, like the post and share it with your friends.  And don’t forget to sign up for e-mail updates in the box below so you don’t miss future posts.

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