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Get R Done vs There’s Always Tomorrow – What’s Your Choice?

Posted Jun 03 2009 6:21pm

Get R Done vs There’s Always Tomorrow – What’s Your Choice?

Today, two thoughts kept jumping around in my head .. “There’s Always Tomorrow” and “Get R Done!” After my indulgences over the holidays, I regained some of the weight I fought so hard to lose and was a little disappointed in my choices. I ate everything from chocolates, to cake to homemade chicken and noodles. Not writing things down, sidestepping the scale and electing to ignore my weight tracker led to my undoing and my recent weight loss failure.

These two thoughts represented to two forces doing battle in my head today. Hmmm .. which one will win?READ MORE...

“There’s Always Tomorrow” is a lie and one I listened to for 30 years. If I stay in this mindset, then food is eaten, pounds are gained and I can choose to eat better “tomorrow”. Tomorrow never comes, there is only today.

“Get R Done,” now that’s a mantra! It’s time to stop playing games and toying with a few pounds up and down, then up and down again. Today is the day to reclaim my life, dream, believe and achieve my ultimate weight loss goal.

Today is Day 1 of the last third of my journey. I have approximately 50 pounds to lose and I am inviting each of you to join me and do this together. The truth is we can either join hands and walk this path and realize our success together or I will make this journey and be waiting to assist you when you make the decision to “Get R Done!”

One thing you may want to think about is where you will be and how will you feel about being there when I reach my goal in 2009. Will you be realizing your own weight loss success and be healthier and happier or will you have gained a few more pounds, as I did for years, and wish you would have joined in.

Make it R E A L !!! Complete your weight tracker, exercise tracker, mood tracker and BMI … and maybe even add a few more trackers to monitor your water intake, blood pressure or cholesterol. Take a look at the R E A L health risks of obesity and stop thinking you’ll start tomorrow. Life is passing you by. I only say this out of care and concern and hope you don’t waste as many years to acknowledge this as I did.

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Step in line for 2009!!!
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