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Get heart smart when looking for a pound-shedding plan

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:18pm
Thanks Tasha for sending me this article from the Globe and Mail. This article summarizes a study that was done comparing different popular diet plans and how they compared with promoting good heart health. This study put "Weight Watchers High carbohydrate" as the second place finisher after "Eat More, Weigh less" and apparently "Weight Watchers High Protein" as a sixth place finisher of eight.

I just have one question.....what they heck are they talking about "Weight Watchers High Carbohydrate" and "Weight Watchers High Protein" plans? I've doing following WW for long time now and the only distinctions I know of are the "Flex Plan" and the "Core Plan" which to the best of my knowledge are not distinguished between high carb or high protein. Am I wrong? Maybe I am.
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