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Get Fit Friday: 'Run, fat girl, run'

Posted Oct 01 2010 12:08pm

Sweaty snowflake hat

It's my "wishful thinking" snowflake cap. Notice the ring of sweat.

Even though the whole fam is meeting up at the gym this evening, the weather was too nice not to lace up the running shoes and head outdoors.

Yes, I'm doing a two-a-day today.

And I decided to leave the iPod at home. Eeek, just me and my thoughts?

I jogged over to the park, two blocks away. (At least I think it was jogging -- when does it cross from a brisk walk to a jog? Is it the foot landing? The arm swinging?)

Once at the trail, I told myself I would walk a lap and jog a lap. Four times around that way. That deal with myself turned into "OK, just run when you get the urge."

"OK, run where there's no inclines."

"OK, run where there's shade."

So I walked and jogged, listening to the woofing at the dog park, the kids at recess and my own (not wheezing) breathing when I ran. After my four loops around the trail, I headed out of the park.

Then I hear, from my left-hand side: "I lost 30 pounds just by walking! Just keep walking!"

(This is what happens when you don't have headphones on.)

I turned to see an older man getting out of his car with his dog.

Do I get catcalls when I'm outside walking? Do I get a "hey baby"? (Believe me, that's not what I'm fishing for.)

Instead I get upraised thumbs, smiles, nods and tales of weight loss.

I don't know what to make of them.

Are they supposed to make me feel proud of myself? Encouraged?

Do these same people blurt out their weight loss to thin runners?

How do I acknowledge their comments? I know they all mean well but it feels a wee bit condescending. How do they know that I haven't lost 30 pounds? (I have, by the way, I'm just got more to lose.)

What if I was perfectly fine with my current weight? (I'm not, but let's just play "what if.")

So I jogged around backward and said "Thanks, I've lost 30 pounds, too!"

Is that how I was supposed to respond? I don't know.

Have you gotten any "you go, fat girl/guy" comments? What do you think of them?

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