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Get Fit Friday: 8 calorie-cutting tips, and one from me

Posted Oct 08 2010 3:41pm

I learned over the summer that if I want to lose weight and not spend hours and hours at the gym every day, I have to cut my calories. The Cleveland Clinic dietitian dialed it down to 1,200 a day, which is darn hard.

I've been shooting for 1,300 a day, which can also be tough. So I've been looking for little ways to shave calories off my day.

First target: Coffee

First I gave up any sort of sugar or agave, which was cool, as long as it was good coffee. The next step was half and half.


I really didn't use that much half and half, but even that little ounce added up to 40-50 calories a day. I tried fat-free half and half (OMG, so gross. What is it, glue?) I used soy creamer, but it was around the same calories and I've been trying to cut back on soy, so that was scratched off my list.

Coconut creamer sounded like it might be yummy but it seemed kinda thin and tasteless. And don't get me started about skim milk in coffee. Do you enjoy a big, steaming mug of GRAY?

Coffee almond milk Then one day I had a little coffee left in the pot. To it, I added a couple glugs of original Almond Breeze.


(That's my beloved joe at left. Uh oh, Jackie Warner's watching me!)

The coffee turned the right color, there was enough body in the almond milk to add a little creaminess and best of all an entire half cup is only 30 calories.

And a half cup can go a long, long way in a giant mug of coffee.

So there's 20ish calories right there.

Now, where else to turn?

That's when I got this great PR release from the publisher of Pick It, Kick It , a handy newish book from Oxygen magazine. Somewhat similar to Eat This Not That , the book offers 1,000 food substitutions plus recipes, a shopping guide, weight-loss success stories and other handy tips.

Like these 8 calorie-cutting tips:


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