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Get Fit, Feel Epic: Week 1

Posted Sep 12 2012 5:00pm
Yup two posts in one day! My sister borrowed my laptop on Sunday and Monday which meant I couldn't blog, so I'm a bit behind with posting things, but I really wanted to post my Get Fit, Feel Epic update, hence two posts in one day. One week done and dusted, so lets see how things have gone.

Weigh less at the end of the challenge than I did at the beginning, and ideally lose 9 pounds: As I mentioned yesterday I lost 4.8 pounds in my first week, so I smashed it, even if I do say so myself!  I feel that I am well on the way to losing the remaining 4.2 pounds, I just need to keep on going

Go Paleo: I think I'm doing pretty well with this, I don't think anything non-paleo has passed my lips, despite my mum making welsh cakes, going for coffees with friends were the coffee aroma was amazing, yummy treats in the office all the way from Greece, meeting up with my sister and her friend and watch them have fajitas and a burger for lunch, and visiting friends as they make fairy cakes. Yes I am a saint!

Go to the gym at least three times a week: Despite feeling ill, and struggling with my energy levels last week, I went to the gym four times, and managed to do the NRLFW once. Going three times this week is already planned, as I mentioned yesterday, I am went to boot camp on Monday, circuit training last night, and then a kettle bell class this evening. I will probably end up going tomorrow or Friday so that I get NRLFW in at least once this week.

Walking twice a week on my lunch break: this ended up being really hard, as I was on set location two of the days, and I am easily sucked into conversations lunch time! I did manage to go for a walk to the shop and back one lunch time, and looking forward to this week I can see that I might be on location a few days which makes this a bit hard, but I will do my best!

Try at least one paleo recipe a week and blog about it: I have tried a lot of recipes as well as trying to experiment myself, and I blogged about this yesterday . I think experimenting with food is important when going Paleo, as it helps keep things exciting, and eating a range of different foods make sure I get a load of different nutrients in.

Our challenge for the week was to do something which makes us feel great. I had a really good day on Saturday, I met up with old friends for coffee (or peppermint tea in my case!), and then I met up with my sister and her friend for some shopping, and I got myself a pair of jeans which are really fitted and I'm hoping makes the most of my slimmer legs (they are 'the shaper' jeans from New Looks if anyone's interested, love the fit!), as well as a pair of shoes, which are the comfiest shoes ever, and were only £7: bargain! I spent the rest of Saturday experimenting in the kitchen and spending time with Iestyn which always makes me feel fab, as I am in my element!

Whats the last thing you did to make you feel great?

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