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Get Active In The New Year: 5 Places To Add To Your Travel Bucket List

Posted Feb 21 2013 9:49pm

3a.jpg Getting fit and travelling are often high up on most people’s list of things to achieve in the New Year, but not combine the two? For anyone who is looking to get more active and explore their surroundings, there is a truly amazing range of experiences which will literally change your life. Here are 5 of the top places to add to your travel bucket list, and the unique adventure experiences that go with them.

There are a couple of ways that you can tackle this spectacular ancient wonder, depending on your ambition and level of fitness. If you’re looking to avoid the tourist crowds and have a challenging climb, try heading to the more remote location of Jinshaling. For those looking for something a bit less ambitious, then the normal entry at Badaling is more than suitable.

Definitely a bucket list destination, a trip to Antarctica is one of the world’s greatest adventures. The remoteness and mysteriousness of the extraordinary Antarctic landscape makes it a remarkable journey for anyone who is lucky enough to experience it in person. This expedition is perfect for the adventurers at heart, with plenty of hiking, skiing and sea-kayaking to keep you active during your trip.

Australia is teaming with amazing adventure tours for the active traveller, and one of the most iconic is to experience the spectacular red centre of this incredible continent. You will have the opportunity to walk, cycle or even ride a camel through the unforgettable landscape on your way to visit the majestic pinnacle of Uluru. Once there, your guided tour can help you to learn about the Dreamtime, and why this amazing natural structure is so important to the traditional owners of the land.

This mystical destination is a truly unique testament to ancient history. The imposing carved rock statues that commandeer the landscape are a complete mystery, with very little being known about the people who carved them. If you’re seeking adventure, consider exploring the island via horseback, or joining one of the tropical volcano tours of this remote landscape.

These stunning highlands, known as the Chapada Diamantina, are definitely on any hiker’s bucket list of top travel destinations. You will have the opportunity to trek through the savannah-like expanse of the cerrado, lush Atlantic rainforest, and the caatinga shrub land. To take a break from hiking the challenging slopes, you could swim in one of the underground lakes or dive under one of the beautiful waterfalls. With such diversity, there is always something to explore in the dramatic Brazillian landscape.

These sensational locations are only the beginning in a list of destinations for the active traveller. Some of the most memorable and rewarding experiences are those which challenge you, so get out there and cross these amazing adventures off your travel bucket list!

Written by Jasmine Poole
Jasmine has travelled across 30 countries in the last 18 months. She is currently in Darwin, Australia. She used to live the life of a professional triathlete for 5 years.

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