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Gap Drops XXL Size for Men - and Other Slaps to the Face

Posted Jul 24 2008 4:05pm 1 Comment

According to theBig Fat Blog The Gap has decided to no longer carry XXL sizes for men.  As I don’t shop at the Gap this decision does no impact me (I still need to buy XXXL at speciality stores) but I find it fascinating that it can make this decision in light of the fact that people are getting bigger in general, at least ifthe newsis to be believed.  Presumably their sales have shown that guys who need to wear XXL clothing don’t shop at the Gap. 

But really, this kind of news would not generally cause me to make a post - I wanted to just make a simple comment onBFBbut I couldn’t because of the constraints Paul makes on his readership (which is certainly his right).  I subscribe to the blog because I like the writing and the topic.  But when I decided I wanted to comment on this post I found I needed to register, and when trying to do so was presented with the following rules:

Pleasedon’tregister if:

  • You are on a diet;
  • You are interested in losing weight now (or possibly in the future, maybe - like you’re actively planning on it);
  • You are having, or are interested in having, weight loss surgery of any kind;
  • You believe fat is a disease which must be cured;
  • You want to post one comment and vanish forever;
  • You like posting about your caloric intake, what you ate today, etc.;
  • You run a diet blog;
  • You think this is a dating site or want to pick up some “hot fat chicks”;
  • You think this site has anything to do with Old Navy and/or Mo’Nique.

Despite my wanting to lose weight I have absolutely no problem with someone who follows fat acceptance.   But apparently the reverse can’t be said.  Talk about unwelcoming.

I am sure the genesis to taking this hard-line stand is the vitriol that those practicing fat acceptance receive, and I can appreciate that.  And obviously this post isn’t going to get me welcomed into the community, even though I will still be lurking about reading occasionally.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to get that off my chest. 

Felt like I got slapped in the face.

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Tags:fat acceptance,the gap,xxl,big fat blog

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I'll agree that it seems odd that Gap is dumping bigger sizes. Perhaps they are considering a new store focusing on larger sizes since there is definitely a market. I can understand your frustration about the Big Fat Blog. I didn't even know that such sites existed. I'm guessing these folks don't want to deal with any criticism of their chosen lifestyle. I'm glad that you're a member of Wellsphere and not the BFB.
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