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Fun-Filled Friday: Westboro, Blend, Rap, Barber, Drugs, Raw Milk, Randell, Vegans, PCOS, Catnip, Port-A-Potty

Posted Aug 20 2010 12:21pm

Unleash the beast…loose that man and let him go…get thee behind me Satan! I’mmmmm baaaaack for another edition of “Fun-Filled Friday” and it seems like it’s been forever since the last one (actually it’s only been two weeks, six days, four hours, 36 minutes, and 15 seconds, but who’s counting!). I’ve been climbing my way back into the regular groove of things since returning home from Indiana and now I’m ready to let loose for an ever-exciting lineup for you today. Are you ready? Here we go!

As a Christian, it always amazes me how people get duped into believing words and acts of “hate” can be something God would support. The Westboro Baptist Church (it’s abhorrent that these people take the good Baptist name and associate themselves with it) has become infamous for protesting at the funerals of soldiers killed in the line of combat overseas. Thankfully the daughter of one of these “church” members is now speaking out against the hypocrisy of the actions of this group of people claiming faith and belief in God. They hate so much that they’ve even disowned her from the family. SHOCKING! Check this out:

WHOA! I’m so glad my faith in God is based on love and forgiveness rather than judgment and shame. Okay, so I’ve had my new iPhone 4 for a little while now and despite all the bellyaching about the reception problems I haven’t had anything but mad love for this little device that keeps me connected with you wonderful people who frequent my stuff! One of the silliest, but highly-entertaining YouTube video channels merely asks the question, “Will It Blend?” Blendtec Host Tom Dickson plays a hilarious straight man in these series of videos where he “blends” literally anything and everything he can get his hands on. Here’s his video where he does the unthinkable blending an iPhone 4 (be still my fluttering heart!):

Something tells me we might be seeing more of Tom’s blending shenanigans again sometime. If you haven’t heard the satirical “news” from Doyle Redland at Onion Radio News, then you’re missing out. He recently did a bit called “Denny’s Introduces Just A Humongous Bucket Of Eggs And Meat.” Hey, that’d be a pretty cool low-carb option, baby! Kinda like having a bacon burger . YUMMY!!! You know, I just love it when people incorporate humor to make their point, kinda like what Tamara Lowe does here with a rap using popular terminology from American culture to put the focus back on what is most important:

WOW! That’s a pretty good rap. Creativity is always welcome here on “Fun-Filled Friday” and this next one is one of the best I’ve seen in a very long time. Get your headphones on and close your eyes when you’re playing this one for a “Virtual Barber Shop” haircut. ENJOY!

That is a wild sensation feeling the movement of the sound…use this video (with headphones!) as a great party trick. You’ll trip out all of your friends and family with this one! Hey, have you ever wanted to change your image with a small alteration in your appearance? You can do it with glasses as we see from FlowingData. My favorite one is the guy who looks like a “fashion designer” now…can you guess what he was BEFORE putting on glasses? Don’t peek! Something you SHOULD look at that will greatly disturb you are the top-selling pharmaceutical drugs in America and the tremendous markup costs that are passed on to insurance companies and consumers:

WHOA! Did you see that? Most of these so-called “essential” drugs for lowering cholesterol, halting heartburn, managing mental health, and annihilating allergies cost pennies to make and cost upwards of hundreds of dollars when the product reaches the “sick” person taking it. This is highway robbery and I’m surprised people have put up with the high costs of prescriptions for so long. I for one am so glad I no longer take any pharmaceutical drugs thanks to my healthy low-carb lifestyle and even my wife Christine came off of her decade-long dependence on Paxil earlier this year thanks to high-dose Vitamin D . WOO HOO! Unbelievably, though, have you heard about a paper published in the American Journal of Cardiology that suggests fast food restaurants put statin drugs in the burgers and fries to “neutralize the heart disease dangers” in them?! They not joking! It’s the whole condoms argument, too–well, they’re gonna do it anyway, so at least make sure do it “safely.” Registered nurse Jackie Eberstein , a strong proponent of drug-free, low-carb living, weighs in on “Another Public Health Experiment?” where the American Academy of Pediatrics is pushing statins on 8 year olds. Have they gone completely mad?

If you’ve been following the whole raw milk debate going on lately, then no doubt you have heard the name Mark McAfee from Organic Pastures in Fresno, California. There’s a lot of passionate debate on this issue and Mark is a voice of reason in a cacophony of chaotic chatter that cuts through the gobbledygook to share the truth in a way that is convincing for people considering adding raw dairy foods into their diet. Check him out for yourself:

This issue isn’t going away anytime soon regarding the legalization of a real food like raw dairy–CRAZY world we live in with raids on family farms happening routinely. The Raw Milk Revolution author David Gumpert offers up 5 tips for “surviving” one . AMAZING this kid of stuff is happening in the United States of America over FOOD! Thankfully we’re seeing positive changes being promoted worldwide in places like New Zealand where this 60 Minutes story of a man named Taine Randell who is using a healthy high-fat, low-carb, sugar-free, processed food-free, customized plan for your hormonal needs based on the traditional Maori diet. This is rockin’ the boat in the diet world there, but it’s great to see livin’ la vida low-carb getting such a boost. Learn more at Ben Warren’s BePure web site .

With 380 million plus eggs being recalled due to the risk of salmonella poisoning , I’m sure glad I get local pastured eggs from a farmer friend of mine along with my healthy grass-fed beef, raw cheeses and butter. And there is concern about us low-carbers making ourselves UNHEALTHY eating these real, whole foods? That doesn’t make any sense to me at all. An AWESOME column on the ramifications of nutritional edicts on our culture is with those people living on food stamps is Mary Helen Ramming’s column “We need real change to food programs” where you will see the unintended consequences of leaving proper nutrition in the hands of the miseducated. What’s sad is when the federal government offers a “veggie discount” as a means of improving the nutrition of low-income families. Guess what they’ll probably buy? POTATOES! We need to start the reeducation before throwing (and wasting!) money on such programs. And now the new health care law requires the implemention of an electronic individual obesity rating for all Americans by 2014 Am I the only person who thinks this information is none of the federal government’s business?

Make no mistake…the ultimate goal of vegans and vegetarians is “global” domination. Think I’m some crazy conspiracy theorist or holding on to some tightly-held propagandist talking point? Check out Place In The Sun to see how they are leading up to their big “movement” coming October 4, 2010 claiming they have made “the most environmentally-beneficial decision a human can make.” It’s funny how most low-carbers I know don’t dictate to others how they should eat, but those who promote a “plant-based diet” don’t offer this same courtesy. That has heated up again with the infamous author of The China Study named T. Colin Campbell chiming in with his comments yet again. He attempts to sound reasonable, but then takes on the role of a martyr thinking he’s being attacked. This guy is a real piece of work and I look forward to interviewing Denise Minger about her extremely thorough analysis of the errors in Campbell’s work airing later this year on my podcast. WOO HOO!

My personal trainer buddy in Washington, DC named Josef Brandenburg is a part of an exciting new television series called “The PCOS Challenge” helping women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome get their life back on track again in a “Biggest Loser”-styled format (except the nutritional element is going to be focused more on low-carb since it works best for people with PCOS). From the clips I’ve seen like the following, it looks to be quite an inspirational show that I can’t wait for people to see:

Okay, enough of the serious diet and health stuff! How about some more fun fun fun on this “Fun-Filled Friday.” I couldn’t help but smile at this Toshiba Laptops ad called “Best Friends”:

Too cute! And if they both have the iPhone 4 they could FaceTime each other. Of course, you could just throw some catnip at some big “kitties” to see how they react to it:

As the owner of four adult cats, it’s eerie how similar these tigers, lions, and leopards respond to catnip as my furry friends. That’s pretty wild! And finally, they say a picture is a worth a thousand words, but I can think of only ONE word for this one:

HA! Sucks to be the one driving that convertible, eh? Well, that’s all the time we have for “Fun-Filled Friday” this week. It’s good to be back in the saddle again and I look forward to being here for most of the next few months. As always, if you have something fun, funny or downright interesting to send to me, then it could show up here at my blog on Friday. E-mail the link to me anytime at . THANK YOU so much for reading the “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog and have a fantastic weekend!

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