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Fun-Filled Friday: Watson, Gaga, Britney, Serene Branson, Memories, Dietary Guidelines, Kool-Aid, End Of America

Posted Feb 18 2011 1:36pm

Hey there everyone, it’s “Fun-Filled Friday” time again and it’s good to feel a lot better now that the final few vestiges of this nasty cold I’ve had for the past week seems to be passing through me. From sore throat to fever to the cruds, stopped up ears, and just a general BLAH feeling, it’s been quite an interesting week. I didn’t even have a chance to exercise much this week except for 90-minute volleyball on Monday night. Even still, my weight loss has continued approaching a 30-pound weight loss since the beginning of January. WOO HOO! So, I’m in an especially good mood today and hope to keep this post lighthearted and lovely. Let’s start with some pop culture stuff that caught my eye this week:

Did you watch The IBM supercomputer “Watson” playing against the two best past contestants on the game show Jeopardy this week? It was quite the spectacle watching some really smart guys like Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter struggling to overcome the prowess of this machine like has never been seen before. “Watson” dominated the two human players despite some minor quirky answers and bid during Daily Doubles. It was an awesome historical display that I think will have some fantastic implications for the future. Here’s a recap of the experiment told by those at IBM responsible for making it happen:

The Grammy Awards happened last Sunday night and leave it to pop superstar Lady Gaga to make an entrance like nobody else…in an EGG?

The only music entertainer who ever acted like Lady Gaga pushing the envelope when I was growing up was Madonna. The thing that makes people like Gaga and Madonna so compelling isn’t just their wild antics, but the fact that they have real talent hidden beneath that oddball outward behavior. If they stunk, then nobody would care. But a lot of people are paying attention for better or worse. Interestingly, these two artists made news recently when Lady Gaga released her new song “Born This Way” which sounds eerily similar to the Madonna hit tune “Express Yourself.” Here’s a “mashup mix” of the two songs for you to decide for yourself:

In the end, I say BIG DEAL. Artists use similar rifts from past songs all the time (rap musicians especially), so I don’t get the controversy. I guess stirring the pot gives free publicity as evidenced by the fact “Born This Way” is the #1 single on iTunes right now. Brilliant marketing! Speaking of that, it looks like Britney Spears is making her comeback (for real this time!) with an eye-popping music video to her new song “Hold It Against Me”:

With all the turmoil that’s been going on in her personal life since her breakout success as a teenager, I sincerely wish Britney great success. She’s had to do a lot of growing up the past few years and maybe that will help mold her into a true artist in the coming years rather than a puppet for her record label. We shall see. Speaking of the Grammys this week, did you see that KCBS-TV reporter Serene Branson who seemed to have some kind of neurological problem? This was stunning right in the middle of LIVE coverage of an event watched by tens of millions of television viewers:

According to news reports afterward, she admits she had a headache and felt bad and didn’t go to the hospital? WOW! As she told People magazine about this incident, Branson was “terrified.” I’m sure. I can’t imagine the feeling although I do a lot of talking on my podcast all the time. I’m glad she seems to be okay and that it’s only a complication from a migraine headache. Not surprisingly, just hours after this happened, somebody had already auto-tuned it in a remix song:

What did we do before all this technology with making videos existed? Crazy! Well, at least she wasn’t having the occasional “senior moment” as Pam Peterson shares in this hilarious parody such about “Memories”:

Bwhahahahaha! That’s fantastic. And may I NEVER get THAT old in my life. On a more serious note, something else happened this week in Washington, DC in response to the insane new 2010 Dietary Guidelines released last month by the USDA. The Weston A. Price Foundation and The Nutrition & Metabolism Society held a joint news conference outlining why the nutrition advice handed down is so damaging to public health and what options would have been better. Sally Fallon Morrell and many other familiar faces all did an outstanding job making the case for real food, low-carb living:

The story was picked up by The Washington Times, Public News Service , Time magazine , and a few other smaller publications. This was huge as strides are being made to get more coverage of our message into the mainstream newspapers, magazines, radio and television warning people of the lunacy of the Dietary Guidelines. We’ll keep hammering this message in the coming years in the hopes that the 2015 version will take on a radically different look. We can hope! Sadly, most people will be none-the-wiser and will be caught “Drinking the Kool-Aid”:

Too cute! I love how the guy gets so frustrated he shakes his head in disbelief. How many of us get to that point sometimes? I try not to let myself get too upset by the choices that others make. My role is to educate, encourage and inspire others to find the right path in their own personal journey. If they choose not to listen or to attempt things that are unsuccessful for them, then I can’t really control that. I’m responsible for my own actions and making sure that I live by example to lend more credibility to the message I’m sharing. That’s how I try to live my life.

Here’s some more fun stuff that captured my attention this week you should check out:

  • Gary Taubes was in Denver recently promoting his new book Why We Get Fat and appeared on local television there promoting the low-carb message. I love how cool, calm and collected Gary is in these interviews with people who are obviously skeptical and have a sense of disdain about what he is sharing. Also, don’t miss this letter to the editor praising Taubes as well as this excellent written interview Gary did with Charles Stuart Platkin on The Diet Detective web site .
  • My blogging buddy Kelly The Kitchen Kop shared a really cool post this week called “Real Food Bloggers Q & A” quoting all kinds of people who blog about healthy real food eating for their answers to some very interesting questions. I’m on the list along with many other names you will recognize! Read and be uplifted in your own journey by these bloggers.
  • I heard from my low-carb nutritionist friend Maria Emmerich (who was on my podcast in 2010 ) this week who related something to me that was quite disturbing. She was scheduled to do a speech in April at a university and they cancelled her appearance. Why? Maria says it was because “they realized I don’t preach the ‘food pyramid!’” Preposterous! It’s amazing how we’re so mired in obesity and chronic disease, but we dare not expose people to an alternative hypothesis for treating them. Maria said it best when she concluded, “I think I’ll stick to evidence-based science rather than government-based science!” AMEN sister! Stick to your guns and never give in to those who are only interested in hearing conventional FAILED wisdom on nutrition. If you’d like to have Maria speak at your local university, hospital or health group, then contact her for one of the most enthusiastic and accurate presentations on what healthy living is REALLY all about.
  • I saw TWO news stories this week highlighting the work of doctors who are using a low-carb diet therapeutically to help improve the weight and health of their patients. The first one is about Dr. James Bailes in Huntington, West Virginia who blames low-fat diets and the push for more exercise for the rising trend in childhood obesity. Instead, he promotes “a low-carb diet, almost an Atkins diet for kids.” WOW! I have had Dr. Bailes on my “List Of Low-Carb Doctors” for a while now as a resource for people in his area. The second one is about Dr. Anna Issakoff-Meller from Guelph, Ontario in Canada whose thinking on the diet relationship to health changed after reading Gary Taubes’ Good Calories Bad Calories. She recognizes that carbs are just sugars when they enter the body and that controlling them is key to preventing obesity and disease. She’s a big fan of her patients eating fat and protein while eschewing grains which she describes as “non-essential.” YES! We’re gonna be reading a LOT more stories about low-carb doctors in the coming years.
  • Have you ever heard The People’s Pharmacy by Joe and Terry Graedon. This weekly radio show does a sensational job of discussing the hot health topics and they usually end up with conclusions that coincide well with the healthy low-carb lifestyle. They recently had Dr. Robert Lustig on to talk about “Sugar Hazards” (listen to Dr. Lustig in my “Encore Week” 2011 interview last month) that is well worth your time. The interview also featured Dr. Jacob Tietelbaum who was also a former guest on my podcast . If you are concerned about how sugar is harming our health, then you need to listen to this!
  • Have you tried “Meat Water” yet? This is not a joke. Apparently a company has created the concept to bring the odd beverage flavors of cheeseburger, barbecued chicken wings and Italian sausage to consumers. The creator thinks his Dinner In A Bottle concept will catch on. Would you buy “Meat Water” for yourself and your family?
  • Somebody sent me this very interesting flow chart from the “Foodeducate” blog that helps you decide which foods to purchase at your local grocery store by answering a few simple questions to determine if it’s real food or not. I LOVED this and highly encourage anyone who still shops at conventional supermarkets to print this out to take with you the next time you purchase groceries. It’ll open your eyes to what’s real food and what is not.

    And finally today, I’m not conspiracy theorist but I do enjoy being exposed to ideas that cause me to think. When I came across this video about “The End Of America” from a leading financial advisory group called Porter Stansberry Research, I must say I was quite compelled by it for the entire 75-minute presentation. That’s not to say that I believe everything being promoted in this video–but some of the facts presented are next to impossible to ignore. Watch it for yourself and decide if this guy is on to something big that could severely alter the American way of life in the coming years or if he’s just full of a lot of hot air attempting to use fear as a means for promoting his investment business.

    That’s about it for this edition of “Fun-Filled Friday” and I appreciate your readership of the “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog. I’m grateful for the privilege I have to share with you day in and day out about what healthy low-carb living is all about and I wish you well in your own personal journey to better health. If you have something you’d like to share with me via e-mail, then I’m always interested in hearing from you. Contact me anytime at . Have an AWESOME weekend!

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