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Fun-Filled Friday: Wah, Yeah Toast, P-P-Platypus, Gummy Bear, On The Rocks, Pixels, Humpty Dumpty, Human Camera, Whoo Hoo!

Posted Apr 30 2010 7:08pm

WAH WAH WAH! Well, there’s no need to cry about it now because “Fun-Filled Friday” has arrived in full force. That cute little one to the left is my niece Brianna who is terrorizing…er, I mean, being babysat by my dear wife Christine this week in Virginia. She sent me this photo of “Bre-Bre” who is approaching the terrible twos and has her moments. We don’t have kids and this may make Christine not to want any ever! HA! Just kidding. It’s not all that often we get to go to Virginia to see that little one grow up and she’s getting big fast.

I’ll be heading there next Thursday to pick up Christine and hop on a plane for a trip to New York City from May 7-9, 2010 for the makeup planning meeting that was snowed out in February for the Nutrition & Metabolism Society . We haven’t been to The Big Apple too often and usually it’s an in-and-out kinda thing. This time we’ll have three full days to take in some of the city and be a part of this amazing event. If you are in or around Broadway street on Saturday, May 8, 2010 from 10:00AM-3:30PM, then come on and join us to help shape the future direction of promoting carbohydrate restriction in 2010 and beyond. Christine and I will be there taking video footage and schmoozing!

I won’t be here next Friday to present a “Fun-Filled Friday” post since I’ll be in New York City, but I’ll try to make sure today is extra super duper special just for you because I know how much you enjoy these weekly posts. It’s funny how I can write all about this great stuff in the world of livin’ la vida low-carb throughout the week with podcast interviews, news, success stories, recipes and more–and you guys LOVE these silly videos I post each week here. Maybe I should make a “Fun-Filled” blog to post stuff everyday. Uh, on second thought, I don’t need any more work to add to my schedule. Forget I said that. Moving right along to the first video I have for you today which features photos that were taken by Laurie Cagnassola at the recent Nutrition & Metabolism Symposium in Seattle, Washington a couple of weekends ago (I know I owe you guys an update, but it’s been so crazy busy since I’ve returned–it’s coming someday):

It was cool hanging out with the low-carb research superstars that weekend and I enjoy being privileged to be a part of that for both the learning and the fellowship. It’s one of the highlights of my year–along with the Low-Carb Cruise . Speaking of that, we got the deadline for the initial deposit pushed back to May 19, 2010, so be sure to go sign up if you are even remotely interested in going. By placing a small deposit down now for the May 2011 Low-Carb Cruise to Jamaica, you lock in your low rate for this fantastic 6-day adventure. We are EASILY expecting over 200 people to be with us and we hope to see YOU there as well! If you don’t sign up, then we’ll make you listen to this song for 24 hours straight:

YEAH TOAST! That’s comedian Heywood Banks performing his carb-y tune on the Bob & Tom radio show in Chicago. Can’t say much good comes from toast, but this was pretty funny. And if that doesn’t drive you crazy, then we’ll make you listen to “The P-P-Platypus Song” for the next 24 hours straight:

That song would get o-o-o-o-o-o-old really quick. Y-y-yep! Then again, some might thing “The Gummy Bear Song” is annoying, but I think it’s pretty catchy. LOVE THIS VIDEO:

57 million views on YouTube means somebody likes this! Count me as one. Cute stuff! I came across something just this week that was pretty spectacular from an a cappella college group at The University of Oregon called On The Rocks performing Lady Gaga’s hit song “Bad Romance” in a highly entertaining fashion complete with choreography. Pull out the tissues to wipe the tears from your eyes on this one, it is CRAZY funny:

WOW! That takes some kahunas to do and mad skills to sing in tune while doing all those freaky body gyrations mimicking the Lady Gaga music video. Great job fellas! Another talented video called “Pixels” from One More Production is sensational and will bring back some memories for those of us who were kids when the first video games came out in the mid-1980s. See if you recognize all of the games in this stunning footage:

I played ALL of those games back in the day. Ahhhh, to be a kid again. NOT! Another thing I remember from my childhood is the classic nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty.” Standup comedian Ricky Gervais thinks through the lunacy of that story as only he can:

I never thought about all that before, but it makes perfect sense. Something that doesn’t make any human sense is how somebody like Stephen Wilshire could memorize an entire landscape and draw it from his mind’s eye in just three days. This is one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life:

UNBELIEVABLE! That is some talent! And finally today I’ve got a cheesy, but informative little video from my friend in New Zealand named Rachel Tomkinson who is enthusiastic about eating real, natural foods which includes lot of a healthy saturated fats and a pinch of “Whoo Hoo”:

I LOVE that story! That’s about it for this edition of “Fun-Filled Friday!” THANKS for reading and I’ll miss bringing you one next Friday. But we’ll be back in the saddle with more FFF for ya on May 14th, so don’t miss it! I’m gonna be working on your entries to my blogiversary contest all weekend long compiling the results of your survey answers and then doing the drawing for the prizes which I’ll announce on Tuesday, May 4, 2010. I appreciate all of your support for me over these past five years and I look forward to the next 5, 10, 25, and even 50 years of blogging about healthy low-carb living. Have a fantastic weekend everybody!

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